LREC 2000

Second International Conference

On Language resources and Evaluation


Workshop Proceedings


Evaluation of Machine Translation

Editor: Bente Maegaard


Athens, Greece, 29 May 2000




Bente Maegaard, Center for Sprogteknologi



J. White, Litton PRC

Toward an automated, task-based MT evaluation strategy


Remi Zajac, CRL/NMSU

Black-Box/Glass-Box Evaluation in Shiraz


Lynette Hirschman, Florence Reeder, John Burger and Keith Miller, The MITRE Corporation

Name translation as a machine translation evaluation task


D. Ćavar, Uwe Küssner, Dan Tidhar, Technical University of Berlin

From human evaluation to automatic selection of good translations


S.Vogel, Sonja Nießen, Hermann Ney, RWTH Aachen

Automatic extrapolation of human assessment of translation quality


L.Ahrenberg, Magus Merkel, University of Linköping

Correspondence measures in MT evaluation