University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

29-30 June 2005

Workshop on Building and Using Parallel Texts


Robert C. Moore: Association-Based Bilingual Word Alignment ... 1-8

Alfio Gliozzo; Carlo Strapparava: Cross Language Text Categorization by Acquiring Multilingual Domain Models from Comparable Corpora ... 9-16

Jonas Kuhn: Parsing Word-Aligned Parallel Corpora in a Grammar Induction Context ... 17-25

Bing Zhao; Eric P. Xing; Alex Waibel: Bilingual Word Spectral Clustering for Statistical Machine Translation .... 25-32

Karin Müller: Revealing Phonological Similarities between Related Languages from Automatically Generated Parallel Corpora .... 33-40

Maja Popović; David Vilar; Hermann Ney; Slobodan Jovičić; Zoran Šarić: Augmenting a Small Parallel Text with Morpho-Syntactic Language .... 41-48

Elliott Drábek; David Yarowsky: Induction of Fine-Grained Part-of-Speech Taggers via Classifier Combination and Crosslingual Projection .... 49-56

Niraj Aswani; Robert Gaizauskas: A Hybrid Approach to Align Sentences and Words in English-Hindi Parallel Corpora .... 57-64

Joel Martin; Rada Mihalcea; Ted Pedersen: Word Alignment for Languages with Scarce Resources .... 65-74

Philippe Langlais; Fabrizio Gotti; Guihong Cao: NUKTI: English-Inuktitut Word Alignment System Description .... 75-78

Charles Schafer; Elliott Drábek: Models for Inuktitut-English Word Alignment .... 79-82

Adam Lopez; Philip Resnik: Improved HMM Alignment Models for Languages with Scarce Resources .... 83-86

Ralf D. Brown; Jae Dong Kim; Peter J. Jansen; Jaime G. Carbonell: Symmetric Probabilistic Alignment .... 87-90

Alexander Fraser; Daniel Marcu: ISI’s Participation in the Romanian-English Alignment Task .... 91-94

Juan Miguel Vilar: Experiments Using MAR for Aligning Corpora .... 95-98

Anil Kumar Singh; Samar Husain: Comparison, Selection and Use of Sentence Alignment Algorithms for New Language Pairs .... 99-106

Dan Tufiş; Radu Ion; Alexandru Ceauşu; Dan Ştefanescu: Combined Word Alignments .... 107-110

Helena M. Caseli; Maria G. V. Nunes; Mikel L. Forcada: LIHLA: Shared Task System Description .... 111-114

Niraj Aswani; Robert Gaizauskas: Aligning Words in English-Hindi Parallel Corpora ... 115 -118

Philipp Koehn; Christof Monz: Shared Task: Statistical Machine Translation between European Languages .... 119-124

Katrin Kirchhoff; Mei Yang: Improved Language Modeling for Statistical Machine Translation .... 125-128

Fatiha Sadat; Howard Johnson; Akakpo Agbago; George Foster; Roland Kuhn; Joel Martin; Aaron Tikuisis: PORTAGE: A Phrase-Based Machine Translation System .... 129-132

Rafael E. Banchs; Josep M. Crego; AdriàdeGispert; Patrik Lambert; José B. Mariño: Statistical Machine Translation of Euparl Data by using Bilingual N-grams .... 133-136

Philippe Langlais; Guihong Cao; Fabrizio Gotti: RALI: SMT Shared Task System Description ... 137-140

Bing Zhao; Stephan Vogel: A Generalized Alignment-Free Phrase Extraction .... 141-145

Jesús Giménez; Lluís Màrquez: Combining Linguistic Data Views for Phrase-based SMT .... 145-148

Marta Ruiz Costa-jussà; José A. R. Fonollosa: Improving Phrase-Based Statistical Translation by Modifying Phrase Extraction and Including Several Features .... 149-154

Andreas Eisele: First Steps towards Multi-Engine Machine Translation .... 155-158

Ying Zhang; Stephan Vogel: Competitive Grouping in Integrated Phrase Segmentation and Alignment Model .... 159-162

Christina Lioma; Iadh Ounis: Deploying Part-of-Speech Patterns to Enhance Statistical Phrase-Based Machine Translation Resources .... 163-166

Stephan Kanthak; David Vilar; Evgeny Matusov; Richard Zens; Hermann Ney: Novel Reordering Approaches in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation .... 167-174

John Henderson; William Morgan: Gaming Fluency: Evaluating the Bounds and Expectations of Segment-based Translation Memory .... 175-182

Declan Groves; Andy Way: Hybrid Example-Based SMT: the Best of Both Worlds? .... 183-190

Richard Zens; Hermann Ney: Word Graphs for Statistical Machine Translation .... 191-198

Juan Miguel Vilar; Enrique Vidal: A Recursive Statistical Translation Model ... 199-207

Ashish Venugopal; Andreas Zollmann; Alex Waibel: Training and Evaluating Error Minimization Decision Rules for Statistical Machine Translation .... 208-215