CLAW 2006

5th International Workshop on Controlled Language Applications

Boston Marriott Hotel, Cambridge, Mass., USA


held on 12 August 2006 during AMTA-2006



Workshop Schedule


Simplified Technical English in the 21st Century David Shaw


SMART Controlled English John Smart


Integration of Correction Modules in a Controlled Language Application Svetlana Sheremetyeva


EasyEnglish Analyzer: Taking Controlled Language from Sentence to Discourse Level Arendse Bernth


Writing RSS Feeds in a Machine-Processable Controlled Natural Language Rolf Schwitter and Marc Tilbrook


Can Controlled Languages Scale to the Web? Jonathan Pool


Standard Language at Ford Motors: A Case Study in Controlled Language Development and Deployment Nestor Rychtyckyj


Round Table: The Future of Controlled Language(s) Moderated by Arendse Bernth: Jeff Allen, John Smart, Susan Harkus. [not available]