Proceedings of the ACL-08: HLT

Second Workshop on Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation (SSST-2)

20 June 2008, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Table of contents

Hirofumi Yamamoto; Hideo Okuma; Eiichiro Sumita
Imposing Constraints from the Source Tree on ITG Constraints for SMT p.1-9

Zhifei Li; Sanjeev Khudanpur
A Scalable Decoder for Parsing-Based Machine Translation with Equivalent Language Model State Maintenance p.10-18

Bowen Zhou; Bing Xiang; Xiaodan Zhu; Yuqing Gao
Prior Derivation Models For Formally Syntax-Based Translation Using Linguistically Syntactic Parsing and Tree Kernels p.19-27

Michael Subotin
Generalizing Local Translation Models p.28-36

Christoph Tillmann
A Rule-Driven Dynamic Programming Decoder for Statistical MT p.37-45

Jakob Elming
Syntactic Reordering Integrated with Phrase-Based SMT p.46-54

Vassilina Nikoulina; Marc Dymetman
Experiments in Discriminating Phrase-Based Translations on the Basis of Syntactic Coupling Features p.55-60

Niyu Ge; Abe Ittycheriah; Kishore Papineni
Multiple Reorderings in Phrase-Based Machine Translation p.61-68

Yanjun Ma; Sylwia Ozdowska; Yanli Sun; Andy Way
Improving Word Alignment Using Syntactic Dependencies p.69-77

Jonathan H. Clark; Robert Frederking; Lori Levin
Inductive Detection of Language Features via Clustering Minimal Pairs: Toward Feature-Rich Grammars in Machine Translation p.78-86

Alon Lavie; Alok Parlikar; Vamshi Ambati
Syntax-Driven Learning of Sub-Sentential Translation Equivalents and Translation Rules from Parsed Parallel Corpora p.87-95