TMI 2007


Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation


Skövde, Sweden, 7-9 September 2007


(Skövde University Studies in Informatics 2007: 1, ISSN 1653-2325)


Editors: Andy Way and Barbara Gawronska




Complete proceedings [PDF, 9529KB]

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Programme [PDF, 29KB]

Notes from the programme chair [PDF, 15KB]



Invited speakers


Anna Sĺgvall Hein: Rule-based and statistical machine translation with a focus on Swedish. -- abstract


Hermann Ney: Statistical MT from TMI-1988 to TMI-2007: what has happened?  -- abstract; presentation


Panel session


Steven Krauwer (moderator): Is MT in crisis?; -- abstract; presentation


Conference papers


Alison Alvarez, Lori Levin, Robert Frederking, and Jill Lehman: An assessment of language elicitation without the supervision of a linguist; pp.1-10  paper ; presentation


Jesús Andrés-Ferrer, Ismael Garcia-Varea, and Francisco Casacuberta: Combining translation models in statistical machine translation; pp.11-20  paper ; presentation


Eiji Aramaki, Takeshi Imai, Kengo Miyo, and Kazuhiko Ohe: Support vector machine based orthographic disambiguation; pp.21-30  paper; poster


Matthias Buch-Kromann: Breaking the barrier of context-freeness: towards a linguistically adequate probabilistic dependency model of parallel texts; pp.31-40; paper ; presentation


Michael Carl, Sandrine Garnier, and Paul Schmidt: Demonstration of the German to English METIS-II MT system; pp.41-42 paper; poster


Marine Carpuat and Dekai Wu: How phrase sense disambiguation outperforms word sense disambiguation for statistical machine translation; pp.43-52  paper


Peter Dirix, Vincent Vandeghinste, and Ineke Schuurman: Demonstration of the Dutch-to-English METIS-II MT system; pp.53-54  paper; presentation


Paula Estrella, Andrei Popescu-Belis, and Maghi King: A new method for the study of correlations between MT evaluation metrics; pp.55-64; paper; presentation


Ren Feiliang, Zhang Li, Hu Minghan, and Yao Tianshun: EBMT based on finite automata state transfer generation; pp.65-74  paper; presentation


Pascale Fung, Zhaojun Wu, Yongsheng Yang, and Dekai Wu: Learning bilingual semantic frames: shallow semantic parsing vs. semantic role projection; pp.75-84  paper


Mary Hearne, John Tinsley, Ventsislav Zhechev, and Andy Way: Capturing translational divergences with a statistical tree-to-tree aligner; pp.85-94; paper;  presentation


Tadashi Kumano, Hideki Tanaka, and Takenobu Tokunaga: Extracting phrasal alignments from comparable corpora by using joint probability SMT model; pp.95-103  paper


Philippe Langlais, Alexandre Patry and Fabrizio Gotti: A greedy decoder for phrase-based statistical machine translation; pp.104-113; paper;  presentation


Yanjun Ma, Nicolas Stroppa, and Andy Way: Alignment-guided chunking; pp.114-121; paper; presentation


Dennis N. Mehay and Chris Brew: BLEUÂTRE: flattening syntactic dependencies for MT evaluation; pp.122-131; paper; presentation


Maite Melero and Toni Badia: Demonstration of the Spanish to English METIS-II MT system; pp.132-133; paper


Eric Nichols, Francis Bond, Darren Scott Appling, and Yuji Matsumoto: Combining resources for open source machine translation; pp.134-143; paper; poster


Stephan Oepen, Erik Velldal, Jan Tore Lřnning, Paul Meurer, Victoria Rosén, and Dan Flickinger: Towards hybrid quality-oriented machine translation – on linguistics and probabilities in MT; pp.144-153; paper


Michael Paul, Andrew Finch, and Eiichiro Sumita: Reducing human assessment of machine translation quality to binary classifiers; pp.154-162; paper;  presentation


Aaron B.Phillips: Sub-phrasal matching and structural templates in example-based MT; pp.163-170; paper


Kay Rottmann and Stephan Vogel: Word reordering in statistical machine translation with a POS-based distortion model; pp.171-180; paper;  presentation


Felipe Sánchez-Martínez and Mikel L.Forcada: Automatic induction of shallow-transfer rules for open-source machine translation; pp.181-190; paper; poster


Germán Sanchis and Francisco Casacuberta: Reordering via n-best lists for Spanish-Basque translation; pp.191-198; paper; poster


Sokratis Sofianopoulos, Vassiliki Spilioti, Marina Vassiliou, Olga Yannoutsou and Stella Markantonatou: Demonstration of the Greek to English METIS-II system; pp.199-205; paper


Harold Somers: Theoretical and methodological issues regarding the use of language technologies for patients with limited English proficiency; pp.206-213; paper; presentation


Daniel Stein, Philippe Dreuw, Hermann Ney, Sara Morrissey, and Andy Way: Hand in hand: automatic sign language to English translation; pp.214-220; paper; poster


Nicolas Stroppa and Karolina Owczarzak: A cluster-based representation for multi-system MT evaluation; pp.221-230; paper; presentation


Nicolas Stroppa, Antal van den Bosch, and Andy Way: Exploiting source similarity for SMT using context-informed features; pp.231-240; paper; presentation


Akira Ushioda: Phrase alignment based on bilingual parsing; pp.241-250; paper