Translingual Europe 2009

14-15 May 2009, Prague, Czech Republic



Wednesday, May 13th 12:00-18:00






Opening Addresses

Ivan Wilhelm, "Plenipotentiary of the Government of Czech Republic for EU Research Programmes" and Former Rector of Charles University


Keynote: Information Technologie for the European Multilingual Information Society
Horst Förster, Director, European Commission


Machine Translation Research at Google Inc. — Franz Och, Google Inc.


MT Research in Japan — Hitoshi Isahara, NICT [PDF of PPT slides]




Progress in Statistical MT and International Evaluation — Philipp Koehn, University of Edinburgh [PDF of PPT slides]


Tree-Based MT — Jan Hajič, Charles University Prague [PDF of PPT slides]


Hybrid Machine Translation — Hans Uszkoreit, DFKI and Saarland University  [PDF of PPT slides]


Panel Discussion: Will there Be a Winner? Competition of the MT Paradigms

Moderator Martin Kay (Stanford University)
Panelists: Jaime Carbonell (CMU) [PDF of PPT slides], Daniel Grasmick (Lucy Software; [PDF of PPT slides], Philipp Koehn (U. Edinburgh), Franz Och (Google Inc.), Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI) [PDF of PPT slides]


Thursday, May 14th 9:00-13:00


New Paradigms for Machine Translation — Jaime Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University [PDF of PPT slides]


MT in a Large Corporation — Joerg Porsiel, Volkswagen AG [PDF]


MT Needs of Translation Enterprises — David Matuška, CEET, Prague (cancelled)


MT Needs of the EC Translation Services — Josep Bonet-Heras EC DGT [PDF of PPT slides]




The Challenge of Patent Translation and the Strategy at EPO — Georg Artelsmair, European Patent Office [PDF of PPT slides]


Controlled Language for MT in Action — Johann Roturier, Symantec Ireland [PDF of PPT slides]


Demands and Potentials of European LT Enterprises— Gudrun Magnusdottir [PDF of PPT slides]


Will There Be Winners? Panel on European Needs, Priorities and Strategies

Moderator Mike Davis
Panelists: Kimmo Rossi (EC), Monika Pereńa (Generalitat de Catalunya) [PDF of PPT slides], Gabor Proszeky (Morphologic), Gregor Thurmair (Linguatec) [PDF of PPT slides]