Proceedings of a Conference

London, 5-6 November 1981


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[ISBN: 0 444 86381 8]

[Papers reproduced with permission of Aslib]


Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION     [Veronica Lawson]                                                                                                                    v

SPONSORS AND ORGANISERS                                                                                                                          xiii

SPEAKERS, CHAIRMEN AND RAPPORTEURS                                                                                                xiii

SESSION 1: TRANSLATION IN TRANSITION                                                                                                      1

Chairman: Francis E. Knowles


Machine translation and people

VERONICA LAWSON                                                                                                                                  3

Types of translation and text forms in the environment of machine translation (MT)

J.C.SAGER                                                                                                                                                    11

The evolution of machine translation systems

W. JOHN HUTCHINS                                                                                                                                  21

The Meteo system

BENOIT THOUIN                                                                                                                                        39

Working with the Weidner machine-aided translation system

MICHAEL G.HUNDT                                                                                                                                  45

            Summary of discussion

            Nigel Bevan                                                                                                                                         53


SESSION 2: ASPECTS OF EDITING                                                                                                                     55

Chairman: J.C.Sager


            Coping with machine translation

            J.RICHARD RUFFINO                                                                                                                                57

            The importance of feedback from translators in the development of high-quality machine translation

            IAN M. PIGOTT                                                                                                                                            61

            Psychological and ergonomic factors in machine translation

            NIGEL BEVAN                                                                                                                                            75

            Economic aspects of machine translation

            GEORGES VAN SLYPE                                                                                                                              79

                        Summary of discussion

                        Françoise Moore                                                                                                                                 95


SESSION 3: THE POSTEDITORS’ EXPERIENCE                                                                                               97

Chairman: J. Albert Bachrach


            Introductory remarks

            J. ALBERT BACHRACH                                                                                                                             99

            The MT errors which cause most trouble to posteditors

            ROY GREEN                                                                                                                                                 101

            Experience in English-French post-editing

            BERNARD LAVOREL                                                                                                                                105

            (presented by BRIAN McCLUSKEY)

                        Summary of discussion (1)

                        Barbara Kostrewski and Peter Taylor                                                                                                111

            The impact of posteditors’ feedback on the quality of MT

            FRANCESCO ROSSI                                                                                                                                   113

            Practical experience of machine translation

            STANLEY P. SEREDA                                                                                                                                119

                        Summary of discussion (2)                                                                                                                  127

            Quality control procedures in modification of the Air Force Russian-English MT system

            DALE BOSTAD                                                                                                                                            129

                        Summary of discussion (3)                                                                                                                  135


SESSION 4: SPECULATION: THE LIMITS OF INNOVATION                                                                         137

Chairman: Yorick Wilks


            Eurotra: an attempt to achieve multilingual MT

            MARGARET KING                                                                                                                                      139

            The pivotal role of the various dictionaries in an MT system

            FRANCIS E. KNOWLES                                                                                                                             149

            The limits of innovation in machine translation

            MARGARET MASTERMAN                                                                                                                       163

                        Summary of discussion

                        W. John Hutchins                                                                                                                                187

            Concluding remarks

            YORICK WILKS                                                                                                                                          189


LIST OF PARTICIPANTS                                                                                                                                        191