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Proceedings of a conference

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Aslib, The Association for Information Management

The Aslib Technical Translation Group

The Translators’ Guild


14-15 November 1985

CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London


London: Aslib, 1986

[ISBN: 0-85142-200-4]

Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib



Introduction                                                             vii

Catriona Picken

Session I: The theory and practice of translation

Who are the translators? The growing professionalism of translating               3

Geoffrey Kingscott

Continuing education and training for translators   11

Jeremy Verrinder

Translators from Amsterdam: an informal history of the translation

course at the University of Amsterdam                    15

Eveline Sleebos

Legal translators and legal translation: a personal view         21

Ian Frame

Session I: Summary of discussion 1                        36

The new technology and the translator: a personal view        39

Josette Guédès

Part-timer's progress                                                47

Commodore Christopher Croft

Freelancer on the line                                               54

Nélida E. Depiante

The translator as information user                           61

Pamela Mayorcas-Cohen

Session I: Summary of discussion 2                        89


Session II: The impact of machine translation and high technology

Translation and information processing: a Canadian viewpoint      95

Benoît Thouin

Developments in OCR for automatic data entry     109

Julie Harnett

The ALPS computer-assisted translation system in an academic

environment                                                            118

Patrick Corness

A user’s experience of the LOGOS machine translation system: a

manager’s viewpoint                                              128

Wolfgang Heitmann

Session II: Summary of discussion 1                      141

Machine translation as an integral part of the electronic office

environment                                                            144

Ian M.Pigott

Machine translation: Japanese perspectives           152

Toyoaki Nishida and Shuji Doshita

Session II: Summary of discussion 2                      175

Biographical notes on speakers                              179

List of participants                                                 183