Translating and the Computer 7

A Profession on the Move

Edited by

Catriona Picken

Proceedings of a conference…

13-14 November 1986

CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London

[London: Aslib, 1987]

                       Papers reproduced by permission of Aslib



Introduction                                                                                vii

Catriona Picken

Session 1: The profession

The translation profession in the United Kingdom in 1986: new developments       3

Catriona Picken

Continuing training for the language professions: a survey of needs            8

Anthony F. Hartley

Four eyes are better than two                                                      14

P. J. Arthern

Session 1: Summary of the discussion                                         27

Session 2: Techniques

Recent developments in IT Standards of interest to translators 31

Peter Fenwick

Principles of information retrieval for personal information systems 40

Paul F. Burton

Terminology in the European Communities                                53

P. J. Arthern

Session 2: Summary of the discussion                                         61

Session 3: Systems

The integration of machine aids into the translation process: an introduction             65

Professor Juan Sager

Machine translation in a large organisation                                 67

Jean Datta

Translation practice in Europe                                                     74

David Smith

Research on machine translation at the University of Saarbrücken   83

Karl-Heinz Freigang

Translating administrative terminology using an Olivetti M24   95

Patrick N. Chaffey

Session 3: Summary of the discussion                                       105

Session 4: Machine translation

MT: recent developments                                                           109

Loll Rolling

Current machine translation systems developed with GETA's methodology and software tools     114

Professor Christian Boitet

Post-editing on-screen: machine translation from Spanish into English         133

Dr Muriel Vasconcellos

Japanese machine translation in Japan and the rest of the world       147

Peter J. Whitelock

Session 4: Summary of the discussion                                       160

Biographical notes on speakers                                                  163

List of participants                                                                     167