MT Summit VIII

Workshop on

Example-Based Machine Translation


Proceedings of the Workshop

18 September 2001, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

(Organisers: Michael Carl and Andy Way)


Andy Way & Michael Carl: Introduction

Ralf D. Brown: Transfer-rule induction for example-based translation [PDF, 164KB]

Michael Carl: Inducing translation grammars from bracketed alignments [PDF, 197KB]

Kevin McTait: Linguistic knowledge and complexity in an EBMT system based on translation patterns [PDF, 171KB]

Arul Menezes & Stephen D. Richardson: A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora [PDF, 72KB]

Davide Turcato & Fred Popowich: What is example-based machine translation? [PDF, 93KB]

Reinhard Schäler: Beyond translation memories [PDF, 91KB]

Harold Somers: EBMT seen as case-based reasoning [PDF, 186KB]

Andy Way: Translating with examples [PDF, 266KB]