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Issue no. 1: January 1992 [PDF, 228KB]. Contents: MT Summit III in Washington, July 1991 [report] -- John Hutchins; Evaluators' Forum, Les Rasses, Switzerland, April 1991 [report] -- Margaret King; 1991 Nordic Computational Linguistics Conference focuses on MT -- Joseph Pentheroudakis; MT Workshop in Taiwan, May 1991 [report] -- Makoto Nagao; MT Vendors Exhibit at the ATA; Translating and the Computer 13, November 1991 [report] -- John Hutchins; MMT '91 Beijing [report] -- Hirosato Nomura; U.S. Commerce Department Meets with MT Vendors and Developers -- Joseph E. Pentheroudakis; JTEC Report on Japanese Machine Translation; JEIDA Survey of MT projects; European Meeting of Experts Discuss Policy in Language Technology; Electronic Dictionary Research Institute -- Narumi Chiba; Centre for the International Cooperation for Computerization -- Yoshinori Teramoto; A letter to the editor -- Claude Bédard

Issue no. 2, May 1992 [PDF, 175KB]. Contents: MT World '92 [report of conference in Tokyo]; MT Goes Live [report from MT Summit III conference]; Penang Conference on Computational Linguistics [report]; NSF Hears about Knowledge-Based MT; Is MT profitable? a round table discussion. Part 1 [from JAMT]; The first MT conference, 1952 -- John Hutchins

Issue no. 3, September 1992 [PDF, 205KB]. Contents: TMI in Montreal, 25-27 June 1992 [report] -- John Hutchins; MT at COLING '92 [report] -- Steve Richardson; Second International Workshop on Fundamental Research for the Future Generation of Natural Language Processing (FGNLP) [report] -- Sofia Ananiadou; The Strategic Role of Evaluation in Natural Language Processing and Speech Technology, Edinburgh, 30 April - 2nd May, 1992 [report] -- Margaret King; DARPA's Boston MT Party [August 1992, report] -- Peter Brown and Eduard Hovy; Eurotra [progress report] -- Doug Arnold; EUROLANG [progress report] -- B.Seite and T.Schneider; Caterpillar Project at CMU [progress report]; CompuServe Investigates Machine Translation -- Cole Harrison; German MT Users' Group -- Tom C. Gerhardt; ATA commissions study on MT for PCs -- Muriel Vasconcellos

Issue no. 4, January 1993 [PDF, 283KB]. Contents: MT Seminar for Translators in San Diego [report] -- Joann Ryan; MT Showcase at the Evaluation Workshop [report] -- John Benoit and Joseph Pentheroudakis; Salford Colloquium on Translation [report] -- John Hutchins; Translating and the Computer 14 [report] -- John Hutchins; German MT Users Circle meets in Saarbrücken [report] -- Tom Gerhardt and John Hutchins; CSK Corporation -- Akira Takagi; Project Babel-R -- Laurence Jacqmin; IBS Corporation - user of a Japanese-English system -- Keizou Sakurai; IAMT/AMTA Holds a Workshop on MT Evaluation [San Diego, November 1992: report]; MT evaluation symposium at MT World '92 [report]; The Automatic Evaluation of Computer Generated Text -- Henry Thompson and Chris Brew; JEIDA report on Evaluation Methodology -- John Hutchins; JTEC Panel Reports on MT in Japan -- Joseph Pentheroudakis; META issue on MT -- Dominique Estival

Issue no. 5, May 1993 [PDF, 218KB]. Contents: Building Lexicons for Machine Translation [conference report] -- Clare R. Voss; Machine Translation and the Lexicon [conference report] -- Petra Steffens and John Hutchins; Technology and Language in Europe 2000 [report] -- John Hutchins; EACL-93, Utrecht, 21-23 April 1993 [report] -- John Hutchins; News from the Confederation of Independent States -- Evgenii Lovtskii; PANGLOSS developments -- Eduard Hovy; JEIDA publishes MT survey results -- John Hutchins; JEIDA Machine Translation Evaluation Methodology -- Hirosato Nomura and John Hutchins; EAGLES take off in Europe; The first MT patents -- John Hutchins

Issue no. 6, September 1993 [PDF, 295KB]. Contents: MT Summit IV Features "International Cooperation for Global Communication" [report] -- Muriel Vasconcellos and John Hutchins; TMI-93 continues the 'rationalist-empiricist' debate [report] -- John Hutchins; Translation Fair '93 [conference in Tokyo]; The Current State of MT Usage? Or : How Do I Use Thee? Let Me Count the Ways -- Muriel Vasconcellos; Survey of MT usage in Japan: Report of the System Application Technic Work Group of AAMT -- Takenori Makino; News from the Confederation of Independent States -- Evgeny Lovtsky; Exhibitions at the MT Summit: brief report; PANGLOSS at the Computing Research Laboratory (NMSU) with Latest Evaluation Results -- David Farwell, Steve Helmreich, Louise Guthrie and Yorick Wilks; MT Research in Thailand and Linguistics and Knowledge Science Laboratory (LINKS) -- Virach Sornlertlamvanich; ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories -- Yasuhiru Yamazaki; SRI and Spoken Language Translation -- David Carter

Issue no. 7, January 1994 [PDF, 223KB]. Contents: Francophone Conference on MT held in Montreal 30 September, 1-2 October 1993 [report] -- John Hutchins; Workshop on Very Large Corpora, 22 June 1994 [report] -- Ken Church; Summer School on Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria, 4-10 September 1993 [report] -- Ruslan Mitkov; AMTA Takes a Close Look at "Text and MT", 5 October 1993 [report] -- Muriel Vasconcellos; Seminar on Matching Up MT Users and MT Environments, 6 October 1993 [report] -- Karen Spalink; Translating and the Computer 15, 18-19 November 1993 [report] -- John Hutchins; Japan-US Workshop on Machine Aided Translation, 22-24 November 1994 [report] -- Eduard Hovy; Natural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium, 6-7 December 1993 [report]; A multipurpose linguistic processor under development in Moscow -- Igor M.Boguslavsky and Leonid L.Iomdin; The U.S. patent system and MT technology -- Leighton Chong; How Lingvistica '93 MT Systems are Used (1991-1993) -- Michael Blekhman

Issue no. 8, May 1994 [PDF, 230KB]. Contents: Danish patent system based on Eurotra experience -- Colin Brace; Machine Translation Research in Indonesia -- Darmawan Sukmadjaja; TSNLP: Test Suites for Natural Language Processing -- Siety Meijer and Lorna Balkan; An Obsolete Distinction -- Colin Brace; The Georgetown-IBM demonstration, 7th January 1954 -- John Hutchins

Issue no. 9, September 1994 [PDF, 265KB]. Contents: Globalink and MicroTac Sign Acquisition Agreement; CompuServe MT Service Goes Live -- Mary Flanagan; Kielikone System Goes into Operation; Sietec's Metal (Also) Does Russian -- Klaus Schubert; MT Showcase at AAAI-94 [report] -- Joseph Pentheroudakis; Arabic MT Tops AACNA Agenda -- Paul Roochnik; MT Workshop in Limerick [report] -- John Hutchins; Language Engineering Convention, Paris 6-7 July 1994 [report] International Workshop on Sharable Natural Language Resources, Nara, 10-11 August 1994; China National Software and Service Corporation -- Guan Weizhong; Proposal for a Differentiated Text-Related Machine Translation Evaluation Methodology -- Karin Spalink; A Marketing Machine [on Globalink] -- Colin Brace; Multilingual MT and the Post-editing Bottleneck -- Evgeny Lovtsky; Evaluation of Integrated Translation Systems -- Uwe Reinke; Paul L. Garvin (1919-1994): Obituary -- Christine A. Montgomery

Issue no.10, January 1995 [PDF, 309KB]. Contents: AMTA Holds its First Conference [Columbia City, October 1994: report] -- Kevin Knight; International Workshop on "Machine Translation & Translation Theory", 14-16 September 1994, Hildesheim [report] -- Susanne Heizmann; Fourth International Summer School "Contemporary topics in Computational linguistics" (with emphasis on Machine Translation), 1-6 September 1994, Tuzlata, Bulgaria [report] -- Ruslan Mitkov; Translating and the Computer 16, 10-11 November 1994, London [report] -- John Hutchins; Machine Translation: Ten Years On, 12-14 November 1994, Cranfield, U.K. [report] -- John Hutchins; Summer School on Computers and Translation, 5-8 July, University of Vigo (Galicia, Spain); The LISA Forum, Mountain View California, November 7-8, 1994 [report] -- Michael Anobile; MT at ANLP-94; MT at other Recent Conferences; Recent US Patents, 1986-1994 [relating to MT]; Intergraph MT System Available on CompuServe; Globalink on CompuServe

Issue no. 11, May 1995 [PDF, 286KB]. Contents: Globalink Available on Minitel; ALEP -- Advanced Language Engineering Platform; The LISA Showcase; TERMISTI Research Centre -- Thierry J.van Steenberghe; The Integration of Linguistic and Domain Specific Knowledge: CAT2 within ANTHEM -- O.Streiter and A.Schmidt-Wigger; "The whisky was invisible", or Persistent myths of MT -- John Hutchins; Translation strategy -- Michael Blekhman

Issue no. 12, October 1995 [PDF, 323KB]. Contents: MT Summit V held in Luxembourg, 10-13 July 1995 [report] -- John Hutchins; TMI-95 in Leuven, Belgium, 5-7 July 1995 [report] -- John Hutchins; Third Workshop on Very Large Corpora, 30 June 1995 [report] -- Ken Church; Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP'95), 14-16 September 1995 [report] -- Nicolas Nicolov; Second ALEP User Group Workshop, 18-19 July 1995 [report] -- Jörg Schütz; CompuServe Launches Document Translation Service; Globalink to Provide Netscape Clients with On-Line Language Translation; MT Users and Usage: Europe and the Americas -- Colin Brace, Muriel Vasconcellos, and L. Chris Miller; Commercially Available PC-Based MT Products -- compiled by L. Chris Miller; Survey Report: Korya Eiwa 100-dollar commodity has expanded the market -- Sadao Hoshino; Machine Translation and the Office Automation -- Key-Sun Choi; Human-quality Fluency in Machine Translation! -- Bruce Wydner; Ovum publishes Globalisation report

Issue no. 13, February 1996 [PDF, 195KB]. Contents: Michael Tacelosky Leaves Globalink; Translating and the Computer 17, London, 9-10 November 1995 [report] -- John Hutchins; Second Language Engineering Convention, London, 16-18 October 1995 [report] -- John Hutchins; Software Localisation in Ireland - SLIG '95 [conference report] -- Reinhard Schaeler; Natural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium, Seoul, 4-6 December 1995 [report] -- Ruslan Mitkov; Globalink Launches On-Line Professional Translator Service; Localisation Resources Centre in Ireland planned for 1996; Ovum's Translation Tools Report [part 1] -- Colin Brace

Issue no. 14, June 1996 [PDF, 231KB]. Contents: Systran Receives $10 Million Contract from the National Air Intelligence Center; Current applications in Europe -- Paul Hearn; Developments at the European Commission -- Dorothy Senez; Conferences in Leuven and Dublin [CLAW, 26-27 March 1996; Unity in Diversity? 9-11 May 1996]; ALPAC: the (in)famous report -- John Hutchins; Ovum's Report on Translation Technology Products: part II -- Jackie Murgida; Melby on MT semantics [Review of] Alan K. Melby: The possibility of language… 1995. -- Klaus Schubert

Issue no. 15, October 1996 [PDF, 240KB]. Contents: Two MT systems at the Olympics: Meteo Translates US weather reports [and] Globalink Joins Forces with Discovery Channel; Transparent Language Inc. Acquires Transcend from Intergraph Corporation; Canadian Government Licenses Globalink Software; EAMT Machine Translation Workshop, 29-30 August 1996, Vienna [report] -- John Hutchins; Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE'96) 4th International Congress, 26-28 August 1996, Vienna, Austria -- John Hutchins; NLP conference at Moncton University, 4-6 June 1996; News from the European Commission: Machine Translation User Survey -- Dorothy Senez ; European Research and Development in Machine Translation -- Jörg Schütz; A Machine Translation System for Minority Languages -- John Gareth Evans; TREE: TRans European Employment [multilingual service]; Multilingual Evaluation Tool from TSNLP -- Lorna Balkan

Issue no. 16, February/March 1997 [PDF, 237KB]. Contents: Major Management Shake-Up at Globalink; AMTA-96: Biennial AMTA Conference at Montreal, 2-5 October 1996: Two personal views -- Laurie Gerber and Stephen Helmreich; METAL and its Users -- Ursula Bernhard; Whatever Happened to M....? [on METAL] -- Lutz Graunitz; Center for Machine Translation: Tenth Year Anniversary Symposium, October 7 and 8, 1996 [report] -- Winfield Scott Bennett ; Translating and the Computer 18, London, 14-15 November 1996 [report] -- John Hutchins; SLIG'96, Dublin, 14 October 1996 [conference report] -- Reinhard Schäler; Evaluation Workshop, Dublin, 15 October 1996: Automatic Translation - How good is it? [report] -- Reinhard Schäler; European Language Resources Association [foundation]; Fifty years of the computer and translation -- John Hutchins

Issue no. 17, June/July 1997 [PDF, 184KB]. Contents: Lernout & Hauspie Acquires GMS; METEO celebrates 20 years service; Eduard Hovy, President of AMTA [profile]; Globalink and Uni-Verse Create Multilingual Chat Room with Real-Time Translation; Real-Time Chat Language-Translation System from Intermedia Inc.; EAMT Workshop, Copenhagen, 21-22 May 1997 [report] -- John Hutchins; Evaluation of Translation Tools for Localisation: LRC Workshop, Dublin, 17 April 1997 [report] -- Reinhard Schäler; OTELO User Group Meeting, Dublin, 16 and 17 December 1996; Arbeitskreis "Maschinelle Übersetzung", 7 February 1997 [Luxembourg: report] -- John Hutchins; European Language Resources Association; Report from the European Commission -- Dorothy Senez; Using PARS and Polyglossum to Translate Technical Texts from Russian into English: Experience of a Professional Translator -- Olga Bezhanova

Issue no. 18, October/November 1997 [PDF, 284KB]. Contents: Microsoft to Acquire a 20 Percent Share in TRADOS; TMI-97 meets in Santa Fe, 23-25 July 1997 [report] -- John Hutchins; The Spoken Language Translation Workshop: ACL/EACL-97, 11 July 1997, Madrid [report] -- Steven Krauwer, Doug Arnold, Walter Kasper, Manny Rayner, Harold Somers; Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP'97), 11-13 September 1997 [report] -- Kalina Bontcheva; The LISA Forum, Asia: Software Localization Professionals Focus on Emerging Asian Markets, Beijing, China, 6-8 August 1997; Projects at the Computing Research Laboratory, NMSU -- Stephen Helmreich; The MULTIDOC Project: MULTI-lingual product DOCumentation -- Jörg Schütz

Issue no.19, June 1998 [PDF, 1365KB] Contents: AppTek Joins Lernout & Hauspie; Systran Partners with AltaVista; Globalink Launches Real-Time Internet Service; Globalink Engine Supports Yellow Pages Online; Globalink Nominated for Smithsonian Award; IAMT Creates Award: Nagao First Recipient; MT Summit VI – Marks Milestone [report] – Muriel Vasconcellos; MT Summit VI: An Opinionated View – Elliott Macklovitch; Three New Products from Systran

Issue no.20, October 1998 [PDF, 1162KB]. Contents: L&H Buys Globalink, Other MT Companies; Instant Translations Support Junior Summit ’98; SYSTRAN Enterprise: Intranet/LAN Software; Déjà Vu 2.1 Translation Memory; Perfect Japanese-English “Translate, Sesame!”, “This, Japanese-English!”; “Transit” from Star; Déjà Vu: A Translator’s View – Peter Kjelsen; The MT Market: A European Perspective – Colin Brace; A View From the Americas – L.Chris Miller; Coling-ACL’98 Attracts Large Turnout [report]; AMTA-98 Looks at MT [report]

Issue no.21, February 1999 [PDF, 1252KB]. Contents: AMTA Launches Certification Initiative – Muriel Vasconcellos; L&H Readies Internet Translation in Multiple Languages; Logos-USA Gets New Headquarters; AMTA-98 Covers “MT and the Information Soup” – Gary A.Coen; AMTA-98: A True Milestone – Virginia Teller; Test Yourself! – Elliott Macklovitch; Translating and the Computer 20, London, November 12-13, 1998 [report] – John Hutchins; EAGLES Workshop, Pisa, January 19-20, 1999 [report] – John Hutchins; The MT Marketplace in the Asia-Pacific Region – Yuko Shimamoto; Jeff Allen Moves to ELRA

Issue no.22 (vol.8, no.1), July 1999 [PDF, 1213KB]. Contents: Compendium of Translation Software Now Available to Members; Systran, Infoseek Launch GO Network Translation Service; L&H iTranslator Service Now on Internet; Accent LanguageWare Offers Free Internet MT; NL-Translex to Develop MT for Dutch; Transparent Language Announces Desktop Translator for Documents, E-mail, Web Pages; LanguageForce Launches Internet Product, UTStarGate; Warren Weaver Memorandum: 50th Anniversary of Machine Translation – John Hutchins; EAMT-99: MT in Eastern Europe [report] – Colin Brace; “New Languages are Not “Virgin Languages”: EAMT-99 Workshop from the Eastern Point of ViewVladislav Kubon; One Web, One Language: UNL Jörg Schütz; What Do Users Need From MT Systems? – Edith Westfall; Mary Flanagan Founds New Business: Maverick Translation Solutions; In Memoriam: Gary G. Erickson (1940-1998)

Issue no.23 (vol.8, no.2), September 1999 [PDF, 961KB] Contents: DARPA Announces Major Foreign Language Initiative: “TIDES”; SYSTRAN/Berlitz Launch Fykk Translation Services on the Internet; e-Lingo + Announce Services For Spanish Speakers; ALPNET Acquires EP Electronic Publishing; L&H Intros New products for European Market; SDLX – Patrick Powell; Address by W.John Hutchins: On Assuming the Presidency of IAMT, MT Summit VII, Singapore, September 16, 1999; Compendium of Translation Software: members asked to contribute.

Issue no.24 (vol.8, no.3), Spring 2000 [PDF, 1323KB] Contents: MT Summit VII attracts attendees to Singapore [report] – Eduard Hovy; Netscape incorporates Alis Technologies in its browser; rolls out multilingual e-business solutions; offers on-line translation; LanguageForce launches UTStarGate; L&H offers Simply Translating deluxe; GlobalSight introduces multilingual Ambassador; LTC Organiser adds flexible report module; Corel upgrades its localization tools; Personal Translator 2000 Office Plus – Heather Morgan and Bob Clark; Muriel Vasconcellos Receives IAMT Award of Honor – Eduard Hovy; A Chat with John Hutchins, Incoming IAMT President – Colin Brace; Laurie’s Links – Laurie Gerber

Issue no.25 (vol.9, no.1), Summer 2000 [PDF, 1070KB] Contents: AMTA-2000 gets ready for “Information Future” in the new millennium; Jun-ichi Tsujii assumes presidency of Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation; SYSTRAN teams up with; Copernic 2000 search tool using Alis Gist-in-Time; Language partners opens European office; Transparent Language providing translation for J&R e-commerce site, email at Siecor; L&H Power Translator adds text-to-speech, works inside MS Office; Alis connector brings easy link to Lotus environments; EAMT 2000 Workshop looks at resources for MT development [report] – Jaro Lajovic; Compendium of Translation Software now in print, on-line; AMTA Postediting SIG gets new lease on life; The IAMT Certification Initiative – John Hutchins; Laurie’s Links – Laurie Gerber

Issue no.26 (vol.9, no.2), Winter 2000-2001 [PDF,1619KB] Contents: EAMT hosts MT Summit VIII in historic European cultural capital; AMTA-2000: ¡Muy bien! [report] – Elliott Macklovitch; The user’s perspective [report on AMTA-2000] – Laurie Gerber; L&H restructuring advances apace; Logos Corporation merges with global words; Language Partners open London office; Smart Link offers on-line services; IBM about to unveil WebSphere Translation Server; WorldLingo translation offered by Microsoft; MIT2 develops tools for Haitian Creole; In memoriam Eric Adolphson (1958-2000); Laurie’s links – Laurie Gerber

Issue no.27 (vol.9, no.3), Spring 2001 [PDF, 1512KB] Contents: Lionbridge Enters Agreement to buy Mendez from L&H; L&H status still unclear; SDL plc Acquires TranscendRT; Mendez integrates translation capabilities into Microsoft Word 2002 and Office XP; Polish now on-line from Ectaco; new on-line service based on Reverso; Newstran: Translation of Online News Sources; Hands-On Evaluation Workshops: A Report on a Continuing Series – Flo Reeder; NAACL 2001 Conference Promotes MT [report] – Carol Van Ess-Dykema; Introducing Elliott Macklovitch; New MTNI Editor – Laurie Gerber; Laurie’s Links – Laurie Gerber

Issue no.28 (vol.10, no.1), Summer 2001 [PDF, 1187KB] Contents: Bowne edges out Lionbridge in final auction of Mendez; Autodesk Implements Localized Tech Support with SYSTRAN; LogoMedia partners with Lingvistica; TSRALI – A Valuable Web Resource for Translators from the University of Montreal; Carnegie Mellon “Pocket” Translator; Breakthrough in Interspecies Communication!; Alis integrates IBM WebSphere translation; SDL Localization Suite; IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher; ACL-EACL 2001 [report] – Pierre Isabelle;  Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management [report] – Mark T.Maybury; A Chat with Mike Anobile, Managing Director of LISA; Censorship and Online Translation; Laurie’s Links – Laurie Gerber; SYSTRAN Personal for Linux

Issue no.29 (vol.11, no.2), December 2001 [PDF, 1633KB] Contents: Apptek Founders Buy Back Company; The End of Logos Corporation; Professor Nagao Re-elected as President of Kyoto University; Lionbridge and Sail Labs Form Alliance; LanguageForce Now Glossa?; SYSTRAN Acquires Aurora; US Globalization Survey; SDL Lands Clients with Enterprise Translation Server; U.S. Social Security Administration to Test WebSphere; Sakhr Brings Arabic Online with Two New Services; Oki Electric Pilots Collaborative MT User Community; MT in Multinational Customer Support; MT Summit VIII [report] – Junichi Tsujii; Example-Based MT [workshop report] – Andy Way; MT Evaluation [workshop report] – Andrei Popescu-Belis; Teaching MT Workshop [report] – Francis Bond and Harry Somers; Data-Driven MT Workshop Assembles Researchers from Different Venues – Jessie Pinkham; ATA Postediting Workshop – Walter Hartmann; HT Evaluation at ATA; A Chat with SDL International; A Chat with Young Researchers [Kathrin Probst and Ying Zhang]; Introducing Bente Maegaard; Laurie’s Links – Laurie Gerber

Issue no.30 (vol.11, no.3), March 2002 [PDF, 1996KB] Contents: 5th AMTA Conference – From Research to Real Users; SDL Acquires ALPNET and Language Partners; EUROMAP: Promoting language Technology; International Journal of Translation MT Issue; PAL – Professional Association for Localization; New MT Compendium!; ASLIB – 23rd Translating and Computer Conference [report] – Federico Gaspari; MT2010 – Roadmap workshop at MT Summit VIII [report] – Steven Krauwer; CICLing-2002: Pyramids, Butterflies, and Computational Linguistics [report] – Alexander Gelbukh; PACLIC 16 [report] – Yong-Beom Kim; European SAE J2450 Meeting – Translation Quality Metric – Jörg Schütz; A Chat with Michael Quinlan; A Chat with Jaap van der Meer; Introducing Junichi Tsujii; MT Users Corner: A User’s Desiderata, part 1 – Jackie Murgida; Book review: Early years in machine translation [edited by] W.John Hutchins – Maghi King

Issue no. 31 (vol. 11, no.1), Winter 2002 [PDF, 515KB]. Contents: The Changing Business Landscape -- Laurie Gerber; The "GILT" Professional Community -- Laurie Gerber; AMTA 2002: From Research to Real Users [report] -- Laurie Gerber; Human Language Technology 2002 [conference report] -- Kurt Godden; 9th Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation [TMI-2002, Keihanna, Japan]: Direction in MT Research [report] -- Teruko Mitamura; TMI-02 Conference Summary -- Laurel Fais; Roadmap Workshop at TMI-02 [report] -- Laurel Fais; International Conference on Translation Technology [Barcelona, April 2002] -- Joseba Abaitua; Survey on Research and Development of Machine Translation in Asian Countries [conference report] -- Thepchai Supnithi and Virach Sornlertlamvanich; Fluent Machines [new MT company] -- David Clements; A chat with IAMT President Eduard Hovy; The Beginnings of the IAMT: Four Stories -- The nuts and bolts of IAMT -- Muriel Vasconcellos; The beginnings of IAMT -- Makoto Nagao; Editing MTNI, 1992-1997 -- John Hutchins; The seeds of IAMT -- Veronica Lawson; Empirical Methods for Exploiting Parallel Texts, by I. Dan Melamed … MIT Press, 2000 [review] -- Graham Russell

Issue no. 32 (vol. 11, no.2), Spring 2003 [PDF, 478KB] Contents: Word Magic Software Launches in the US; Lexicography Courses Offered at University of Brighton; New Masters Course Available at U. of Cambridge; JEITA Symposium, October 2002 [report] -- Jonathan Lewis; ASLIB Translating and the Computer 24 [London, November 2002: report] -- Daniel Grasmick and Christopher Pyne; Translation Automation Finally Achieved: an Overview of the Translation Market -- Jaap van der Meer; From the Garage to the Attic: an Insider's View of Entrepreneurial MT: part 1: reinventing the Wheel -- David Clements; Data-Driven MT Grows Up -- Laurie Gerber

Issue no. 33 (vol. 11, no.3), Autumn 2003 [PDF, 719KB] Contents: GTI Launches TranslateTV; CrossLanguage to Focus on Business MT Implementation -- Karen Spalink; Phraselator -- Not Quite MT but Very Successful; Surprise Language Project Develops Hindi/English Translator; LangTech 2002, September 2002, Berlin, Germany [report] -- Bente Maegaard, Hans Uszkoreit and Michael Huch; EAMT-CLAW 03, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland, May 2003 [report] -- Andy Way; A Chat with Steve Richardson of Microsoft; An Interview with Gregor Thurmair of Comprendium; From the Garage to the Attic: An Insider's View of Entrepreneurial MT: part 2: nuts and Bolts -- David Clements; How Should We Define Data-Driven MT?; MT Users' Desiderata, part II -- Jackie Murgida; Data-Driven MT Grows Up -- Laurie Gerber

Issue no. 34 (vol. 12, no.1), Winter 2003 [PDF, 540KB] Contents: Machine Translation Meets New Orleans: MT Summit IX, October 2003 [report] -- Jaro Lajovic; In memoriam Antonio Zampolli -- Maghi King; FreeTranslation Now Offers Human Services; AAMT 2003, June 2003, Tokyo Japan [conference report]; The Localization Community Considers MT: Localization World, October 2003, Seattle, Washington, USA [report]; CICLing 2003, February 2003, Mexico City, Mexico [conference report] -- Alexander Gelbukh; A chat with Dr. Heyan Huang, founder and CEO of HuaJian Technology; Diversity, cooperation and understanding (address of new IAMT president at MT Summit IX, 2003) -- Jun'ichi Tsujii; From the Garage to the Attic: An insider's View of Entrepreneurial MT: part 3: hitting the road -- David Clements

Issue no.35, March 2005 [PDF, 419KB] Contents: EAMT 2005, Budapest, Hungary, 30-31 May 2005 [conference report]; Dr. Nagao receives 2005 Japan prize; MT Summit X, 12-16 September 2005, Phuket, Thailand; Tsunami and MT Summit; Latest Compendium now available; New versions from Language Engineering Co.; Language Weaver releases version 3.0; Tweddle chooses post-edited MT process from SDL; Systran Premium Professional 5.0 wins award; Translation Automation User Group formed; Two perspectives on the AMTA 2004 conference: From an AMTA veteran – Roderick Holland, From a first-time attendee – Laurel Wagers; MT featured at annual meeting of AAAS [conference report] – Laurie Gerber; MT Summit 10 workshops: calls for papers.