TMI-2002 Conference

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological issues in Machine Translation

March 13-17, 2002

Keihanna, Japan


Main conference papers

Mutsumia Imai, Etsuko Haryu and Hiroyuki Okada: Building up the lexicon: how Japanese children learn meanings to novel nouns and verbs. [slides, PDF, 1189KB]

Timothy Baldwin and Francis Bond: Alternation-based lexicon reconstruction. [PDF, 187KB]

Ralf Brown: Corpus-driven splitting of compound words. [PDF, 95KB]

Jim Cowie and Sergei Nirenburg: Two experiments in situated MT. [PDF, 693KB]

Paul C. Davis and Chris Brew: Stone soup translation. [PDF, 120KB]

Sanae Fujita and Francis Bond: A method of adding new entries to a valency dictionary by exploiting existing lexical resources. [PDF, 179KB]

Alicia Garrido-Alenda, Mikel L. Forcada and Rafael C. Carrasco: Incremental construction and maintenance of morphological analysers based on augmented letter transducers [PDF, 171KB]

Barbara Gawronska, Bjrn Erlendsson and Hanna Duczak: Extracting semantic classes and morphosyntactic features for English-Polish machine translation. [PDF, 252KB]

Kenji Imamura: Application of translation knowledge acquired by hierarchical phrase alignment for pattern-based MT. [PDF, 142KB]

Hiroshi Kanayama: An iterative algorithm for translation acquisition of adpositions. [PDF, 268KB]

Tomohiro Konuma, Kenji Matsui, Yumi Wakita, Kenji Mizutani, Mitsuru Endo, and Masashi Murata: An experimental mutlilingual bi-directional speech translation system. [PDF, 896KB]

Ian Marshall and va Sfr: Sign language generation using HPSG. [PDF, 229KB]

Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg, Enrique Torrejon, Dave Svoboda, Annelen Brunner and Kathryn Baker: Pronominal anaphora resolution in the KANTOO multilingual machine translation system. [PDF, 112KB]

Masaki Murata, Masao Utiyama, Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Qing Ma and Hitoshi Isahara: Correction of errors in a modality corpus used for machine translation using machine-learning. [PDF, 106KB]

Shigeko Nariyama: Grammar for ellipsis resolution in Japanese. [PDF, 30KB]

Jessie Pinkham and Martine Smets: Machine translation without a bilingual dictionary. [PDF, 215KB]

Katharina Probst and Lori Levin: Challenges in automated elicitation of a controlled bilingual corpus. [PDF, 173KB]

Koichi Takeda: Sentence generation for pattern-based machine translation. [PDF, 224KB]

Alicia Tribble, Alon Lavie and Lori Levin: Rapid adaptive development of semantic analysis grammars. [PDF, 159KB]

Taro Watanabe, Kenji Imamura and Eiichiro Sumita: Statistical machine translation based on hierarchical phrase alignment. [PDF, 165KB]

Setsuo Yamada, Kenji Imamura and Kazuhide Yamamoto: Corpus-assisted expansion of manual MT knowledge: [PDF, 111KB]


Eiichiro Sumita and Kenji Imamura: Example-based machine translation [slides, PDF, 997KB]; references [text, PDF, 13KB]

Kevin Knight: Statistical machine translation [not available]

Timothy Baldwin: Translation memories [slides, PDF, 256KB]

Workshop: machine translation roadmap

Satoru Ikehara: Toward the realization of typological semantic pattern dictionaries for MT [not available]

Francis Bond: Toward a science of machine translation. [PDF, 97KB]

Mikel L. Forcada: Using multilingual content on the web to build fast finite-state direct translation systems. [PDF, 155KB]

Nigel Ward: Machine translation in the mobile and wearable age. [PDF, 70KB]

Steve Krauwer: Brief report on the MT2010 MT Roadmap Workshop at the MT Summit in Santiago de Compostela (September 2001). [PDF, 78KB]

Harold Somers: What are we celebrating today? [not available]

Discussion papers for workshop

Niels Ole Bernsen (ed.) Speech related technologies: Where will the field go in 10 years? [PDF, 196KB]

Andreas Eisele and Dorothea Ziegler-Eisele (eds.): Towards a road map on human language technology: Natural language processing. (Version 2: March 2002). [PDF, 235KB]


[Conference reports in MT News International no. 31, Winter 2002]