Proceedings of the Thirty-second

International Conference on

Translating and the Computer

18-19 November 2010, London


[reproduced with permission of Aslib]


List of contents




Challenges at the World Trade Organization: evaluation and implementation of a statistical machine translation system

Olivier Pasteur


Creating your own translation memory repository

Ronan Martin


Does Google know better? Translators and machine translation

Ignacio Garcia


Translation technology: is it a jungle?

Juliet Macan


TRANSLI: trusted automated translation at the service of justice

Atefeh Farzindar


XTRF-TM – managing teamwork

Andrzej Nedoma and Tomasz Mroz


Language technology for automatic control in eLearning tools – translator and second language learning

Susanne Preuß, Christoph Rösener, Paul Schmidt


Next generation translation and localization: users are taking charge

Sharon O’Brien, Reinhard Schäler


Managing social translation: online tools for translators’ communities

Anas Tawileh


A computational framework for a cognitive model of human translation processes

Michael Carl


Mixed up with machine translation: multi-word units disambiguation challenge

Anabele Barreiro, Annibale Elia, Johanna Monti, Mario Monteleone


Identifying fixed expressions: a comparison of SDL MultiTerm Extract and Déjŕ Vu’s lexicon

María Fernández-Parra, Pius ten Hacken


Highlighting matched and mismatched segments in translation memory output through sub-tree alignment

Ventsislav Zhechev


A hybrid word alignment approach to improve translation lexicons with compound words and idiomatic expressions

Nasredine Semmar, Christophe Servan, Gaël de Chalendar, Benoît Le Ny, Jean-Jacques Bouzaglou