Commission of the European Communities


Third European Congress on

Information Systems and Networks


Overcoming the language barrier


Luxembourg, 3-6 May 1977


Verlag Dokumentation, Publishers, München 1977


[Selection of contents included in the Machine Translation Archive]


Volume 1


86-99 - H. Felber: International efforts to overcome difficulties in technical communication.  [PDF, 166KB]


101-121 -  G.Beling: The use of EDP in terminology work. [PDF, 154KB]


123-152 - J.Goetschalckx: Terminological activities in the European institutions, with special reference to Eurodicautom. [PDF, 203KB]


153-188 - J. Schulz: A terminology data bank for translators: methods of interrogation in the TEAM system. [PDF, 191KB]


189-211 -  J. Laurent: Utilization of the technical terminology standardized at AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation).  [PDF, 232KB]


213-216 - G.F. Stephan: The need for differentiated scientific and technical terminologies aimed at the different levels in education and practical human activities. [PDF, 101KB]


243-257 - F.Krollmann:  User aspects of an automatic aid to translation as employed in a large translation service.  [PDF, 145KB]


259-269 - P. Canisius: Automatic partial translation in a multilingual information system.  [PDF, 128KB]


495-511 - Françoise Blamoutier: Training in the drafting of texts for documentation in controlled language for the purposes of automatic translation.  [PDF, 161KB]


513-527 - P.Brossier, A.Mamfredos, C.Milelli, & M.Zennaki: Integration of automatic translation modules in SPLEEN software, specially devised for documentary networks.  [PDF, 159KB]


529-556 - H.E. Bruderer: The present state of machine and machine-assisted translation.  [PDF, 326KB]


557-567 - A.J. Petit: Objective evaluation criteria for machine translation. [PDF, 108KB]


569-581 - P.P.Toma: SYSTRAN as a multilingual machine translation system. [PDF, 119KB]


586-592 - H.D.Maas: The Saarbrücken automatic translation system (SUSY). [PDF, 101KB]


593-611 - J. Weissenborn: The role and form of analysis in machine translation: the automatic analysis of French at Saarbrücken. [PDF, 147KB]


613-621 - John Chandioux: Creation of a second-generation system for machine translation of technical manuals. [PDF, 112KB]


623-624 - Yu.N.Marchuk: Machine translation in the All-Union Translation Centre. [PDF, 105KB]


625-627 - Yu.S.Martem’janov: Eliminating formal constraints of language. [PDF, 90KB]


628-630 - V.A.Moscovoj: On the elimination of formal word order in the German sentence.  [PDF, 89KB]


631-645 - S.C.Loh & L.Kong: Computer translation of Chinese scientific journals [PDF, 155KB]


647-660 - I.D.K. Kelly: PROTRAN – a generalized translation tool for natural and algorithmic languages. [PDF, 182KB]


661-675 - W.Goshawke: SLUNT (Spoken Language Universal Numeric Translation). [PDF, 179KB]


Volume 2


74-82 - Jacques Chaumier: Assessment of SYSTRAN. [PDF, 135KB]


88-120 - Christian Boitet: Where does GETA stand at the beginning of 1977?  [PDF, 220KB]


142-146 - Jacques Goetschalckx: Automatic translation. Report of sessions 5 and 6 [PDF, 84KB]


147-159 - J.C.Sager: Conclusions and recommendations [PDF, 131KB]