Proceedings of a Workshop on Machine Translation

2-3 July 1990

UMIST, Manchester

J.McNaught, editor


[Workshop organised under the auspices of the UK Speech and Language Technology Club (SALT Club), sponsored by the Information Technology Division of the Department of Trade and Industry.]






John McNaught: Introduction.


Harold L.Somers: Current research in machine translation.


Effie Ananiadou: The use of sublanguages in machine translation.


R.Lee Humphreys: The lexicon in MT.


Jeanette M.Pugh: 1991-1992: the Eurotra transition programme.


Gr.Thurmair: METAL: computer integrated translation.


Tsuyoshi Morimoto: Automatic interpreting telephony research at ATR.


F.W.Stentiford: Work at British Telecom in automatic interpretation and translation.


R.A.Sharman: An introduction to statistical machine translation.


Louisa Sadler: Codescription and transfer.


Vito Pirrelli: Two level morphology in a unification based formalism.


Doug Arnold: Rapportage from the discussion group ‘Discourse and linguistics for MT’.


Karen Sparck Jones: Large-scale discourse structures and machine translation.


William J.Black: Running a robust dialogue system.


D.Jones: Guranteed high quality translation for monolinguals. [abstract ]


Kate Morton: Rapportage from the discussion group ‘Speech/NL interaction and MT’.


Marcel Tatham: Speech. [Contribution to discussion group ‘Speech/NL interaction and MT’]


John Connolly: Functional architectures for spoken MT. [Contribution to discussion group ‘Speech/NL interaction and MT’]


Simon Lucas: Machine translation with syntactic neural networks. [Contribution to discussion group ‘Speech/NL interaction and MT’]


Kerry Maxwell & Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh: The Eurotra (UK) monolingual disctionary.


Frank Knowles: Dictionaries for machine and machine-aided translation (MT & MAT).


Jeremy Clear: The lexicon and MT: a position paper.


Hiyan Alshawi & David Carter: Interactive translation using quasi logical forms.


Andy Way: Mel’čuk’s explanatory-combinatorial dictionary and its relevance for machine translation.


Ian Crookston: Generation for MT in English in Eurotra.


Paul Bennett & Jacques Durand: The work of the EUROTRA linguistic specifications group [abstract].


Lorna Balkan: Complex transfer in EUROTRA.


J.D.Phillips: Automated production of domain-specific machine translation systems.


Anand Syea: The EUROTRA machine translation system.


List of participants.