MT Summit XII

The twelfth Machine Translation Summit

International Association for Machine Translation

hosted by the

Association for Machine Translation in the Americas


Laurie Gerber

Conference chair

Pierre Isabelle, Roland Kuhn, Nick Bemish, Mike Dillinger, Marie-Josée Goulet

Program chairs


August 26-30, 2009

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Table of Contents

Keynote Presentations

Deploying Novel MT Technology to Raise the Bar for Quality at Symantec: Key Advantages and Challenge

Johann Roturier, Symantec

Creating the World's Largest Translation Memory

Marco Trombetti,


MT: the Current Research Landscape

Roland Kuhn and Pierre Isabelle, National Research Council, Canada


MT Research Papers

Source-side Dependency Tree Reordering Models with Subtree Movements and Constraints

Nguyen Bach, Qin Gao and Stephan Vogel


Phrase Translation Model Enhanced with Association based Features

Boxing Chen, George Foster and Roland Kuhn


Normalization for Automated Metrics: English and Arabic Speech Translation

Sherri Condon, Gregory A. Sanders, Dan Parvaz, Alan Rubenstein, Christy Doran, John Aberdeen and Beatrice Oshika


Creating a High-Quality Machine Translation System for a Low-Resource Language: Yiddish

Dmitriy Genzel, Klaus Macherey and Jakob Uszkoreit


Reassessment of the Role of Phrase Extraction in PBSMT

Francisco Guzman, Qin Gao and Stephan Vogel


Hybrid Spoken Language Translation Using Sentence Splitting Based on Syntax Structure     

Satoshi Kamatani,  Tetsuro Chino and Kazuo Sumita      


462 Machine Translation Systems for Europe

Philipp Koehn, Alexandra Birch and Ralf Steinberger


Interactive Assistance to Human Translators using Statistical Machine Translation Methods

Philipp Koehn and Barry Haddow


Automatic Detection of Translated Text and its Impact on Machine Translation

David Kurokawa, Cyril Goutte and Pierre Isabelle


Improving a Lexicalized Hierarchical Reordering Model Using Maximum Entropy

Vinh Van Nguyen, Akira Shimazu, Minh Le Nguyen and Thai Phuong Nguyen


User choice as an evaluation metric for web translation in cross language instant messaging applications

William Ogden, Ron Zacharski, Sieun An and Yuki Ishikawa


Prediction of Words in Statistical Machine Translation using a Multilayer Perceptron

Alexandre Patry and Philippe Langlais


Incorporating Knowledge of Source Language Text in a System for Dictation of Document Translations

Aarthi Reddy, Richard Rose, Hani Safadi, Samuel Larkin and Gilles Boulianne


Phrase-based Machine Translation in a Computer-assisted Translation Environment

Michel Simard and Pierre Isabelle


Lemmatic Machine Translation                         

Stephen Soderland, Christopher Lim, Mausam Mausam, Bo Qin, Oren Etzioni and Jonathan Pool


Improving the Confidence of Machine Translation Quality Estimates                

Lucia Specia, Marco Turqui, Zhuoran Wang, John Shawe-Taylor and Craig Saunders


Complexity-Based Phrase-Table Filtering for Statistical Machine Translation

Nadi Tomeh, Nicola Cancedda and Marc Dymetman      


Mining Parallel Texts from Mixed-Language Web Pages

Masao Utiyama, Daisuke Kawahara, Keiji Yasuda and Eiichiro Sumita 


Decoding by Dynamic Chunking for Statistical Machine Translation                

Sirvan Yahyaei and Christof Monz 


Introduction to China's CWMT2008 Machine Translation Evaluation

Hongmei Zhao, Jun Xie, Qun Liu, Yajuan Lü, Dongdong Zhang and Mu Li


Inducing translations from officially published materials in Canadian government websites

Qibo Zhu, Diana Inkpen and Ash Asudeh


MT Research Posters

Chained System: A Linear Combination of Different Types of Statistical Machine Translation Systems

Takako Aikawa and Achim Ruopp  


Extraction of Syntactic Translation Models from Parallel Data using Syntax from Source and Target Languages

Vamshi Ambati, Alon Lavie and Jaime Carbonell 


Using Automatic Roundtrip Translation to Repair General Errors in Second Language Writing

Alain Désilets and Matthieu Hermet


Reordering on Spanish-Basque SMT                        

Arantza Díaz de Ilaraza, Gorka Labaka and Kepa Sarasola         


Can MT Output Be Evaluated Through Eye Tracking?

Stephen Doherty and Sharon O'Brien


Selective addition of corpus-extracted phrasal lexical rules to a rule-based machine translation system

Loic Dugast, Jean Senellart and Philipp Koehn     


Source-Side Context-Informed Hypothesis Alignment for Combining Outputs from Machine Translation Systems

Jinhua Du, Yanjun Ma and Andy Way       


Improving the Objective Function in Minimum Error Rate Training

Yifan He and Andy Way       


Harnessing the Redundant Results of Translation Spotting                  

Stéphane Huet, Julien Bourdaillet, Philippe Langlais and Guy Lapalme


Development of a Japanese-English Software Manual Parallel Corpus              

Tatsuya Ishisaka, Masao Utiyama, Eiichiro Sumita and Kazuhide Yamamoto  


Word Alignment by Thresholded Two-Dimensional Normalization

Hamidreza Kobdani, Alexander Fraser and Hinrich Schütze


Tracking Relevant Alignment Characteristics for Machine Translation

Patrik Lambert, Yanjun Ma, Sylwia Ozdowska and Andy Way


Improving Fluency by Reordering Target Constituents using MST Parser in English-to-Japanese Phrase-based SMT

Hwidong Na, Jin-Ji Li, Jungi Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee  


Anchor Points for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Small Comparable Corpora

Emmanuel Prochasson, Emmanuel Morin and Kyo Kageura


United Nations General Assembly Resolutions: A Six-Language Parallel Corpus

Alexandre Rafalovitch and Robert Dale     


Using Artificial Data to Compare the Difficulty of Using Statistical Machine Translation in Different Language-Pairs                           

Manny Rayner, Paula Estrella, Pierrette Bouillon and Yukie Nakao       


Translation Model Adaptation for an Arabic/French News Translation System by Lightly- Supervised Training

Holger Schwenk and Jean Senellart          


Using Percolated Dependencies for Phrase Extraction in SMT                

Ankit Srivastava and Andy Way      


Relating recognition, translation and usability of two different versions of MedSLT

Marianne Starlander and Paula Estrella    


Correlation between Automatic Evaluation Metric Scores, Post-Editing Speed, and Some Other Factors  

Midori Tatsumi


Comparing different architectures of hybrid Machine Translation systems

Gregor Thurmair      


Hosting Volunteer Translators                        

Masao Utiyama, Takeshi Abekawa, Eiichiro Sumita and Kyo Kageura   


Transfer rule generation for a Japanese-Hungarian machine translation system

István Varga and Shoichi Yokoyama


Efficient Beam Thresholding for Statistical Machine Translation                 

Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang, Aiti Aw and Haizhou Li   


A Source Dependency Model for Statistical Machine Translation                

Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang, Aiti Aw and Haizhou Li   


Bilingual Dictionary Extraction from Wikipedia                    

Kun Yu and Junichi Tsujii   


Virtual Babel: Towards Context-Aware Machine Translation in Virtual Worlds

Ying Zhang and Nguyen Bach         


Commercial MT User Program

MT Bazaar: Translation Ecosystems in the Cloud

Sven Christian Andrä and Jörg Schütz, Andra AG and Bioloom Group 


The MT Maturity Model at PAHO                        

Julia Aymerich and Hermes Camelo, Pan-American Health Organization        


Technology for Translators: What doesn't Kill you, Makes you Stronger               

Jordi Carrera, Alex Yanishevsky, ProMT   


An Automatic Translation Management System for Legal Texts                

Atefeh Farzindar, NLP Technologies          


MT and Document Localization at Adobe: From Pilot to Production                 

Ray Flournoy, Christine Duran, Adobe       


Identification and Analysis of Post-Editing Patterns for MT                  

Declan Groves, Dag Schmidtke, Traslan and Microsoft   


Real Time Translation Services at IBM                       

David Lubensky and Salim Roukos, IBM  


MT Quality Control in a Translation Production Environment                

Larry Rogers, LexiTech


Pushing the Quality of a Customized SMT System Using Shared Training Data

Chris Wendt, Will Lewis, Microsoft


Special Session: Translator Tools and Training

Panel Summary: Educating and Assessing the Human Translator in an Age of Technology            

Patricia Phillips Batoma, Roxana Girju, Elizabeth Lowe, Patricia Minacori        


Translation assessment at university: creation of a computer interface             

Patricia Minacori, Université Paris Diderot


Technology in Translator Training and tools for translators                  

Pierrette Bouillon and Marianne Starlander         


IMHO: Translators’ not-so-humble opinions on using TM systems                

Cheryl Mc Bride        


Big Gaining a head start on translations projects                 

Achim Ruopp


What’s missing in User-centric MT?                      

Jennifer DeCamp     


Government MT User Program

Application of Machine Translation System in Japan Patent Office                   

Susumu Bani


Language Technology Resource Center

Jennifer DeCamp


On beyond TM: When the Translator Leads the Design of a Translation Support Framework

Reginald Hobbs, Clare Voss and Jamal Laoudi


Canadian Job Bank Automated Translation System

Verna McIntosh


U.S. Army Requirements and Capability           

Vaughn Laganosky and Tracy Blocker       


Indian National Translation Mission: Need for Integrating Human-Machine Translation            

R.M.K. Sinha


The EDEAL Project for Automated Processing of African Languages

Anna Borovikov, Eugene Borovikov, Bradley Colquitt and Kristen Summers   


Translation Memory Technology Assessment

Carol Van Ess-Dykema, Dennis Perzanowsky, Susan Converse, Rachel Richardson, John S. White and  Tucker Maney

Panel discussion: Converging Technologies – What are the Benefits for MT Users?



Mike Dillinger



Alex Yanishevsky and Olga Beregovaya



Daniel Gervais



Terry Lawlor



Jaap van der Meer


Technology Showcase

PortageLive: delivering machine translation technology via virtualization

Patrick Paul, Samuel Larkin, Ulrich Germann, Eric Joanis, Roland Kuhn, National Research Council Canada



Introduction to Machine Translation

Mike Dillinger,  Translation Optimization Partners


Machine Learning Approaches for Dealing with Bilingual Data in Statistical Machine Translation

Gholamreza Haffari, Simon Fraser University [not available]


Tools for Translation:  Current Practices, State of the Art and Capability Gaps

Jennifer DeCamp, MITRE Corporation


The Business Case for Machine Translation

Donald A. DePalma, Common Sense Advisory, Inc.


Postediting Machine Translation Output


Sharon O’Brien, Johann Roturier and Giselle de Almeida, Dublin City University and Symantec


Up close and personal with a Translator – How Translators Really Work

Alain Desilets, UQO, Geneviève Patenaude, National Research Council of Canada


Workshop Programs


CAASL3: Third Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic- Script-based Languages


Investigations on Standard Arabic Geographical Classification

Ahmed Abdelali, Steve Helmreich and Ron Zacharski


Construction of a Persian Letter-to-Sound Conversion System

Mohammad Mehdi Arab and Ali Azimizadeh


Disfluency and Out-of-vocabulary Word Processing in Arabic Speech Understanding

Younès Bahou, Lamia Hadrich Belguith and Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou


NP Subject Detection in Verb-initial Arabic Clauses

Spence Green, Conal Sathi and Christopher D.Manning


Automatic Extraction of Lemma-based Bilingual Dictionaries for Morphologically Rich Languages

Ibrahim M.Saleh and Nizar Habash


Endoclitics in Pashto: Can They Really Do That?

Craig Kopris


A Unification based Approach to the Morphological Analysis and Generation of Arabic

Selçuk Köprü and Jude Miller


Automatic Translation between English and Persian Texts

Chakaveh Saedi, Mehrnoush Shamsfard and Yasaman Motazedi


Syntactic Generation of Arabic in Interlingua-based Machine Translation Framework

Khaled Shaalan, Azza Abdel Monem and Ahmed Rafea


STeP-1: Standard Text Preparation for Persian Language

Mehrnoush Shamsfard, Soheila Kiani and Yaser Shahedi


Corpus-based Analysis for Multi-token Units in Persian

Massoud Sharifi-Atashgah and Mahmood Bijankhan


Developing English-Urdu Machine Translation via Hindi

R.Mahesh K.Sinha



Third Workshop on Patent Translation


Exploiting Patent Information for the Evaluation of Machine Translation

Atsushi Fujii, Masao Utiyama, Mikio Yamamoto and Takehito Utsuro


Meta-evaluation of Automatic Evaluation Methods for Machine using Patent Translation Data in NTCIR-7

Hiroshi Echizen-ya, Terumasa Ehara, Sayori Shimohata, Atsushi Fujii, Masao Utiyama, Mikio Yamamoto, Takehito Utsuro and Noriko Kando


The Construction of a Chinese-English Patent Parallel Corpus

Bin Lu, Benjamin K.Tsou, Jingbo Zhu, Tao Jiang and Oi Yee Kwong


An Efficient Patent Keyword Extractor as Translation Resource

Svetlana Sheremetyeva


Translation Disambiguation of Patent Sentences using Case Frames

Shoichi Yokoyama and Masumi Okuyama


Machine Translation at the EPO: Concept, Status and Future Plans

Sophie Mangin


SIPO’s Efforts on Improving Quality of Chinese-English Patent Machine Translation Service

Dan Wang


KIPO’s MT Activity & IP5 mutual MT Project

Young-Pyo Kim


Current Status of MT Application in JPO

Susumi Bani


Panel: Real World Challenges of Patent Translation



            Akira Ushioda

The Challenge of Machine Translation of Patent Specifications and the Approach of the European Patent Office

Georg Artelsmair

Outline for the Panel Discussion from the SIPO

Tao Wang

Current Status and Future Expectation for Machine Translation

Susumi Bani

Translation of Patent Documents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Arti Shah

Panel on Patent Translation

Philipp Koehn


Beyond Translation Memories: New Tools for Translators Workshop


ReEscreve: a Translator-friendly Multi-purpose Paraphrasing Software Tool

Anabela Barreiro and Luis Miguel Cabral


The Web as a Source of Informative Background Knowledge

Caroline Barrière


A Web Service Enabling Gradable Post-edition of Pre-translations Produced by Existing Translation Tools: Practical Use to Provide High-quality Translation of an Online Encyclopedia

Hervé Blanchon, Christian Boitet and Cong-Phap Huynh


Grounding Translation Tools in Translator’s Activity Data

Michael Carl


How Translators Use Tools and Resources to Resolve Translation Problems: an Ethnographic Study

Alain Désilets, Christiane Melançon, Geneviève Patenaude and Louise Brunette


Bitextor: a Free/Open-source Software to Harvest Translation Memories from Multilingual Websites

Miquel Esplà-Gomis


Productivity and Quality in MT Post-editing

Ana Guerberof


Translation Editing Environments

Elina Lagoudaki