AMTA 2010

The Ninth Conference of the

Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

Denver, Colorado

October 31 – November 4


Table of Contents


Keynote Presentations

Real Voices: What translators do and why we need to keep doing it

Nicholas Hartmann, Scientific and Technical Translator; President, American Translators Association (2009-2011)


Jost Zetzsche, Freelance Translator, Author

"What in the World is Everybody Talking about?"

Paul Bremer, AppTek

"Ten Years of MT: A Commercial Case Study"

Mark Lancaster, SDL


Jaap van Der Meer, TAUS


Philipp Koehn, University of Edinburgh


MT Research Program Papers: Oral and Poster Presentations

Discriminative Syntactic Reranking for Statistical Machine Translation

Simon Carter and Christof Monz (UVA)

Fast Approximate String Matching with Suffix Arrays and A* Parsing

Philipp Koehn and Jean Senellart (U Edinburgh)

Combining Confidence Estimation and Reference-based Metrics for Segment-level MT Evaluation

Lucia Specia and Jesús Giménez (U Wolverhampton, UP Catalunya)

The Impact of Arabic Morphological Segmentation on Broad-coverage English-to-Arabic Statistical Machine Translation

Hassan Al-Haj and Alon Lavie (CMU)

Arabic Dialect Handling in Hybrid Machine Translation

Hassan Sawaf (AppTek)

Coupling Statistical Machine Translation with Rule-based Transfer and Generation

Arafat Ahsan, Prasanth Kolachina, Sudheer Kolachina, Dipti Misra and Rajeev Sangal (IIIT)

Semantically-Informed Syntactic Machine Translation: A Tree-Grafting Approach

Kathryn Baker (DoD), Michael Bloodgood (JHU), Chris Callison-Burch (JHU), Bonnie Dorr (UMD), Nathaniel Filardo (JHU), Lori Levin (CMU), Scott Miller (BBN) and Christine Piatko (JHU)

A Cocktail of Deep Syntactic Features for Hierarchical Machine Translation

Daniel Stein, Stephan Peitz, David Vilar and Hermann Ney (U Aachen)

Using TERp to Augment the System Combination for SMT

Jinhua Du and Andy Way (DCU)

f-align: An Open-Source Alignment Tool for LFG f-Structures

Anton Bryl (DCU) and Josef van Genabith (Trinity College)

Improved Phrase-based SMT with Syntactic Reordering Patterns Learned from Lattice Scoring

Jie Jiang, Jinhua Du and Andy Way (DCU)

Transliterating From All Languages

Ann Irvine, Chris Callison-Burch and Alexandre Klementiev (JHU)

Using Sublexical Translations to Handle the OOV Problem in MT

Chung-chi Huang, Ho-ching Yen, Shih-ting Huang and Jason Chang (National Tsing Hua U)

MT-based Sentence Alignment for OCR-generated Parallel Texts

Rico Sennrich and Martin Volk (U Zurich)

Detecting Cross-lingual Semantic Similarity Using Parallel PropBanks

Shumin Wu, Jinho Choi and Martha Palmer (U Colorado)

Combining Multi-Domain Statistical Machine Translation Models using Automatic Classifiers

Pratyush Banerjee, Jinhua Du, Baoli Li, Sudip Naskar and Andy Way (DCU) and Josef van Genabith (Trinity College)

Using Variable Decoding Weight for Language Model in Statistical Machine Translation

Behrang Mohit and Rebecca Hwa (U Pittsburgh) and Alon Lavie (CMU)

Refining Word Alignment with Discriminative Training

Nadi Tomeh, Alexandre Allauzen, François Yvon and Guillaume Wisniewski (LIMSI)

Maximizing TM Performance through Sub-Tree Alignment and SMT

Ventsislav Zhechev and Josef van Genabith (DCU)

Choosing the Right Evaluation for Machine Translation: an Examination of Annotator and Automatic Metric Performance on Human Judgment Tasks

Michael Denkowski and Alon Lavie (CMU)

Incremental Re-training for Post-editing SMT

Daniel Hardt and Jakob Elming (CBS)

A Source-side Decoding Sequence Model for Statistical Machine Translation

Minwei Feng, Arne Mauser and Hermann Ney (RWTH)

Supertags as Source Language Context in Hierarchical Phrase-Based SMT

Rejwanul Haque, Sudip Naskar, Antal van den Bosch and Andy Way (DCU)

Translating Structured Documents

George Foster, Pierre Isabelle and Roland Kuhn (NRC)

Extending the Hierarchical Phrase Based Model with Maximum Entropy Based BTG

Zhongjun He, Yao Meng and Hao Yu (Fujitsu)

Transferring Syntactic Relations of Subject-Verb-Object Pattern in Chinese-to-Korean SMT

Jin-Ji Li, Jungi Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee (POSTech)

Improving the Post-Editing Experience using Translation Recommendation: A User Study

Yifan He (DCU), Yanjun Ma (DCU), Johann Roturier (Symantec), Andy Way (DCU) and Josef van Genabith (DCU)

Accuracy-Based Scoring for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

Sergio Penkale (DCU), Yanjun May (DCU), Daniel Galron (NYU) and Andy Way (DCU)

Improving Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation from Farsi

Evgeny Matusov and Selçuk Köprü (AppTek)

Chinese Syntactic Reordering through Contrastive Analysis of Predicate-predicate Patterns in Chinese-to-Korean SMT

Jin-Ji Li, Jungi Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee (POSTech)

Machine Translation Using Overlapping Alignments and SampleRank

Benjamin Roth (U Saarland), Andrew McCallum (U Mass), Marc Dymetman (XRCE) and Nicola Cancedda (XRCE)

A Comparison of Various Types of Extended Lexicon Models for Statistical Machine Translation

Matthias Huck, Martin Ratajczak, Patrick Lehnen and Hermann Ney (U Aachen)

A Discriminative Lexicon Model for Complex Morphology

Minwoo Jeong (Saarland U) Kristina Toutanova, Hisami Suzuki and Chris Quirk (Microsoft)

Voting on N-grams for Machine Translation System Combination

Kenneth Heafield and Alon Lavie (CMU)

Improved Statistical Machine Translation with Hybrid Phrasal Paraphrases Derived from Monolingual Text and a Shallow Lexical Resource

Yuval Marton (Columbia U)


Student MT Research Papers

Statistical Machine Translation of English – Manipuri using Morpho-syntactic and Semantic Information

Thoudam Doren Singh and Savaji Bandyopadhyay (Jadavpur U)          


A Synchronous Context Free Grammar using Dependency Sequence for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation

Hwidong Na, Jin-Ji Li, Yeha Lee and Jong-hyeok Lee (POSTech)         


Using Synonyms for Arabic-to-English Example-Based Translation

Kfir Bar and Nachum Dershowitz (Tel Aviv U)


Machine Translation between Hebrew and Arabic: Needs, Challenges and Preliminary Solutions                         

Reshef Shilon (Tel Aviv U), Nizar Habash (Columbia U), Alon Lavie (CMU) and Shuly Wintner (U Haifa)  


Commercial MT Users Program

Post-Editing Free Machine Translation: From a Language Vendor's Perspective

Luciana Ramos (Ocean Translations)        


Practical uses of MT at Global Language Translations and Consulting: A case study of MT use for profit                         

Doug Strock (GLTAC)          


MT in the Enterprise Environment

John Dixon (Applied Language)     


PangeaMT - putting open standards to work… well

E.Yuste, M. Herranz (Pangeanic), A-L. Lagarda, L. Tarazón, I. Sánchez-Cortina and F. Casacuberta (U Poli Valencia)       


One technology, many solutions: MT at Adobe

Raymond Flournoy and Jeff Rueppel (Adobe)      


Evaluating vendors for MT and post-editing at Avaya

Barbara Scott (Avaya) and Adriana Beaton (SDL)            


Scenarios for Customizing an SMT Engine Based on Availability of Data

Kirti Vashee (Asia Online) and Rustin Gibbs (Moravia)   


Content Quality for Better MT: A Practical Guide to Quality at the Source

Jennifer Beaupre and Kent Taylor (acrolinx)


Using Machine Translation for the Localization of Electronic Support Content: Evaluating End-User Satisfaction

Osamuyimen Stewart, David Lubensky, Scott Macdonald, Julie Marcotte (IBM)


Better translations with user collaboration – Integrated MT at Microsoft

Chris Wendt (Microsoft)      


Where can MT be most successful and what are the best MT engines for various languages?                  

Jenny Lu (CA Technologies)           


The “Moses for Localization” Open Source Project

Achim Ruopp (Digital Silk Road)    


Effective MT within a Translation Workflow Panopticon

Sven Andrä (Ontram) and Jorg Shütz (BioLoom Group)            


PLuTO: MT for On-Line Patent Translation

John Tinsley, Andy Way and Páraic Sheridan (CNGL)    


Sharing the Continental Airlines and SDL Post-Editing Experience

Adriana Beaton (SDL) and Gabriela Contreras (Continental Airlines)   


ProMT at PayPal: Enterprise-scale MT for financial industry content                      

Olga Beregovaya and Alex Yanishevsky (ProMT) 


"Trusted Translations Deliver Compelling Results for the Travel Industry"

Daniel Marcu (SDL LanguageWeaver) [not available]    


Government MT Users Program

Paralinguist Assessment Decision Factors For Machine Translation Output: A Case Study

Carol Van Ess-Dykema, Jocelyn Phillips (NVTC), Florence Reeder, Laurie Gerber (MITRE)


Abstract of "Paralinguist Assessment Decision Factors for Machine Translation Output: A Case Study"

Carol Van Ess-Dykema, et al. (NVTC and MITRE)          


Abstract of "Utilizing Automated Translation with Quality Scores to Increase Productivity"

Daniel Marcu (SDL Language Weaver), Kathleen Egan (TSWG), Chuck Simmons (NASIC), Ning-Ning Mahlmann (SDL Language Weaver)         


Abstract of "Machine translation from English to Chinese: A study of Google’s performance with the UN documents"

Li Zuo (UNTS)          


Abstract of "Foreign Media Collaboration Framework (FMCF)"

Chuck Simmons (NASIC)


Abstract of "Cross Lingual Arabic Blog Alerting (COLABA)"

Kathleen Egan (TSWG)


Abstract of "Pre-editing for Machine Translation"

Weimin Jiang (NASIC)        


Abstract of "Multi-Language Desktop Suite"

Brian Roberson (Basis Technology Inc.)


Abstract of "User-generated System for Critical Document Triage and Exploitation–Version 2011"

Kristen Summers (CACI) and Hassan Sawaf (AppTek)


Abstract of "Panel Topic: Task-based evaluation methods for machine translation, in practice and theory"

Judith Klavans, et al. (ODNI/FLPO)


Abstract of "Exploring the AFPAK Web"

Rod Holland (MITRE)


Abstract of "Terminology Management for Web Monitoring"

Sean Colbath (Raytheon BBN Technologies)


Abstract of "Use of HLT tools within the US Government"

Nicholas Bemish (DIA)


Abstract of "Multilingual Concordancer Built from Public High Quality Web Content"

Alain Désilets (NRC/CNRC)


Abstract of “Data Preparation for Machine Translation Customization”

Stacey Bailey (MITRE)        


Abstract of "Language NOW"

Michael Ladwig (Northrup Grumman)


Abstract of "The Challenges of Distributed Parallel Corpora"

Mike O’Malley (TDG)           


Abstract of "Translation of Chinese Entities in Russian Text"

William McIntyre (NASIC)


Abstract of "Parallel Corpus Development at NVTC"

Carol Van Ess-Dykema, et al. (NVTC and MITRE)  


Parallel Corpus Development at NVTC

Jocelyn Phillips, Carol Van Ess-Dykema (NVTC), Timothy Allison and Laurie Gerber (MITRE)



Introduction to Post-Editing: Who, What, How and Where to Next?

Sharon O'Brien (CNGL DCU)


An Introduction to Machine Translation

Mike Dillinger (Translation Optimization Partners)


MT Postediting Showcase

Laurie Gerber (MITRE/NVTC) and Elliott Macklovitch (Onscope Group, Inc.)


Evaluating the Output of Machine Translation Systems

Alon Lavie (CMU)


Machine Translation with Open source Software

Philipp Koehn and Hieu Hoang (U Edinburgh)


Technology Showcase


Exhibit Descriptions

Showcase Chair: Jennifer DeCamp (MITRE)


Workshop Programs


Collaborative Translation: technology, crowdsourcing, and the translator perspective

Workshop chair: Alain Désilets (NRC)


Crowdsourced translation for emergency response in Haiti: the global collaboration of local knowledge

Robert Munro (Stanford U)


Crowdsourcing and the Professional Translator

Jost Zetzsche (International Writers' Group)


Position Paper: Improving Translation via Targeted Paraphrasing

Yakov Kronrod, Philip Resnik, Olivia Buzek, Chang Hu, Alex Quinn, Ben Bederson (UMD)


WikiBABEL: A System for Multilingual Wikipedia Content

A. Kumaran, Naren Datha, B. Ashok, K. Saravanan, Anil Ande, Ashwani Sharma, Sridhar Vedantham and Vidya Natampally (Microsoft Research India), Vikram Dendi and Sandor Maurice (Microsoft Research)



Second Joint EM+/CNGL Workshop “Bringing MT to the User: Research on Integrating MT in the Translation Industry" (JEC 2010)

Workshop chair: Ventsislav Zhechev (DCU)