AMTA 2012

Proceedings of the Tenth Conference of the

Association for Machine Translation in the Americas


Alon Lavie

Conference Chair

George Foster,

Mike Dillinger, Ray Flournoy,

Nick Bemish, Chuck Simmons

Program Chairs

October 28 – November 1, 2012

San Diego, California, USA

Table of Contents


Keynote Presentations

Domain Adaptation in Machine Translation: Findings from the 2012 Johns Hopkins Summer Workshop

Hal Daumé, III, University of Maryland;  Marine Carpuat, National Research Council, Canada;  Alex Fraser, University of Stuttgart;  Chris Quirk, Microsoft Research

Trends in Adoption of MT as a Globalization Technology

Don DePalma, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, Common Sense Advisory

Language Research at DARPA-Machine Translation and Beyond

Bonnie J. Dorr, Professor, University of Maryland; Program Manager, DARPA

Duolingo: Learn a Language for Free while Helping to Translate the Web

Luis von Ahn, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University; Founder, Duolingo

On Marketing and Poetry

Caitilin Walsh, President-Elect, American Translators Association (ATA)


MT Research Papers

Oral Presentations


Hierarchical Phrase-Based MT for Phonetic Representation-Based Speech Translation

Zeeshan Ahmed, Jie Jiang, Julie Carson-Berndsen, Peter Cahill & Andy Way


Identifying Infrequent Translations by Aligning Non Parallel Sentences

Julien Bourdaillet & Philippe Langlais


Sample Selection for Large-scale MT Discriminative Training

Yuan Cao & Sanjeev Khudanpur


One System, Many Domains: Open-Domain Statistical Machine Translation via Feature Augmentation

Jonathan Clark, Alon Lavie & Chris Dyer


Identification of Fertile Translations in Comparable Corpora: A Morpho-Compositional Approach

Estelle Delpech, Béatrice Daille, Emmanuel Morin & Claire Lemaire


Challenges in Predicting Machine Translation Utility for Human Post-Editors

Michael Denkowski & Alon Lavie


The Impact of Sentence Alignment Errors on Phrase-Based Machine Translation Performance

Cyril Goutte, Marine Carpuat & George Foster


Pivot Lightly-Supervised Training for Statistical Machine Translation

Matthias Huck & Hermann Ney


Interpolated Backoff for Factored Translation Models

Philipp Koehn & Barry Haddow


Building MT for a Severely Under-Resourced Language: White Hmong

William Lewis & Phong Yang 

Phrase-level System Combination for Machine Translation Based on Target-to-Target Decoding                 

Wei-Yun Ma & Kathleen McKeown

Lost & Found in Translation: Impact of Machine Translated Results on Translingual Information Retrieval

Kristen Parton, Nizar Habash & Kathleen McKeown


A Graph-based Strategy to Streamline Translation Quality Assessments

Daniele Pighin, Lluís Formiga & Lluís Màrquez


Machine Translation with Binary Feedback: a Large-Margin Approach

Avneesh Saluja, Ian Lane & Ying Zhang


HAL: Challenging Three Key Aspects of IBM-style Statistical Machine Translation

Christer Samuelsson


Compact Rule Extraction for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation

Baskaran Sankaran, Gholamreza Haffari & Anoop Sarkar


Non-linear n-best List Reranking with Few Features

Artem Sokolov, Guillaume Wisniewski & François Yvon


Improved Domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation

Wei Wang, Klaus Macherey, Wolfgang Macherey, Franz Och & Peng Xu


Poster Presentations


Detailed Analysis of Different Strategies for Phrase Table Adaptation in SMT                                                

Jan Niehues & Alex Waibel


Machine Translation of Labeled Discourse Connectives

Thomas Meyer, Andrei Popescu-Belis, Najeh Hajlaoui & Andrea Gesmundo


A General Framework to Weight Heterogeneous Parallel Data for Model Adaptation in Statistical MT

Kashif Shah, Loïc Barrault & Holger Schwenk


Measuring User Productivity in Machine Translation Enhanced Computer Assisted Translation

Marcello Federico, Alessandro Cattelan & Marco Trombetti


Hybrid Machine Translation Using Joint, Binarised Feature Vectors

Christian Federmann


Using Automatic Machine Translation Metrics to Analyze the Impact of Source Reformulations

Johann Roturier, Linda Mitchell, Robert Grabowski & Melanie Siegel


Using Source-Language Transformations to Address Register Mismatches in SMT

Manny Rayner, Pierrette Bouillon & Barry Haddow


A Poor Man's Translation Memory Using Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics

Michel Simard & Atsushi Fujita


A Detailed Analysis of Phrase-based and Syntax-based MT: The Search for Systematic Differences

Rasoul Samad Zadeh Kaljahi, Raphael Rubino, Johann Roturier & Jennifer Foster


Conditional Significance Pruning: Discarding More of Huge Phrase Tables

J Howard Johnson


Unsupervised Translation Disambiguation for Cross-Domain Statistical Machine Translation

Mei Yang & Katrin Kirchhoff


Commercial MT User Program


Integrating MT with Digital Collections for Multilingual Information Access                                                       

Jiangping Chen, Olajumoke Agozu, Wenqian Zhao, Cheng Chieh Lien, Ryan Knudson & Ying Zhang


Linguists Love Art and Management Loves Efficiency – Can MT be the Solution?                                          

Sachiyo Demizu & Mike Holland


Taking Statistical Machine Translation to the Student Translator

Stephen Doherty, Dorothy Kenny & Andy Way


A User-Based Usability Assessment of Raw Machine Translated Technical Instructions                                                 

Stephen Doherty & Sharon O’Brien


What’s Your Pick: RbMT, SMT or Hybrid?                                                                                                    

Catherine Dove, Olga Loskutova & Ruben de la Fuente


Evaluation of Domain Adaptation Techniques for TRANSLI in a Real-World Environment                                                         

Atefeh Farzindar & Wael Khreich


An LSP Perspective: Business & Process Challenges Implementing MT Solutions: Is MT Delivering Expected Value?                                                                                                                                                                   

Rustin Gibbs & Joe DiDamo


Translating User-Generated Content in the Social Networking Space                                                                                                              

Jie Jiang, Andy Way & Rejwanul Haque


Managing Change when Implementing MT Systems                                                                                      

Michel Lopez


Beyond MT: Source Content Quality and Process Automation                                                                         

Jenny Lu & Patricia Paladini Adell


Incremental Re-Training of a Hybrid English-French MT System with Customer Translation Memory Data

Evgeny Matusov


Multiplying the Potential of Crowdsourcing with Machine Translation                                                                                 

Victor Muntés-Mulero, Patricia Paladini, Marc Solé & Jawad Manzoor


Machine Translation as a Global Enterprise Service at Ford                                                                              

Craig Plesco & Nestor Rychtyckyi


Using the Microsoft Translator Hub at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints                                                               

Stephen D. Richardson


Automatic Speech Recognition & Hybrid MT for HQ Closed-Captioning & Subtitling for Video Broadcast                                                                                                                                                      

Hassan Sawaf


Spoken Language Translation: Three Business Opportunities                                                                                                       

Mark Seligman & Mike Dillinger


IPTranslator: Facilitating Patent Search with Machine Translation                                                                   

John Tinsley, Alexandru Ceausu, Jian Zhang, Heidi Depraetere & Joeri Van de Walle



Technology Showcase Program

Organizer: Jennifer DeCamp



Government MT User Program


U.S. Army Machine Foreign Language Translation System (MFLTS) Capability Update and Review


Michael J. Beaulieu, U.S. Army


Panel Discussion Topic: Return on Investment for Human Language Technology in the U.S. Government

Nicholas Bemish and Charles Simmons, AMTA 2012 Government Program Co-Chairs


Language and Translation Challenges in Social Media


Sean Colbath, Raytheon BBN Technologies


Producing Data for Under-Resourced Languages: A Dari-English Parallel Corpus of Multi-Genre Text

abstract; paper

Sherri Condon, MITRE


Machine Translation Revisited: An Operational Reality Check


Kathleen Egan, Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)


Sharpening the Claws on CAT Tools: Increase Quality & Production, Maximize Limited Resources


Jennifer Flather, Basis Technology


Strategies in Developing Engine-specific Chinese-English User Parallel Corpora


Weimin Jiang, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)/GXKT


Government Catalog of Language Resources (GCLR)


Judith Klavans, ODNI FLPO, Human Language Technology Lead


A New Method for Automatic Translation Scoring-HyTER


Daniel Marcu, Language Weaver SDL


Return on Investment for Government Human Language Technology Systems


Elaine Marsh, ODNI FLPO Human Language Technology Associate


Evaluating Parallel Corpora: Assessing Utility in Government Translation Memory (TM) Systems


Erica Michael, Center for Advanced Study of Languages (CASL)


The Conundrum of New Online Languages: Translating Arabic Chat


Joel Ross, Basis Technology


Reversing the Palladius Mapping of Chinese Names in Russian Text



Katherine Young, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)




Introduction to Machine Translation

Mike Dillinger, Principal of Translation Optimization Partners

Jay Marciano, Director of Real-Time Translation Development at Lionbridge Technologies


Increasing Localization Efficiency with SYSTRAN Hybrid MT Products

John Paul Barraza, Director of Technical Services at Systran


MT and Arabic Language Issues

Nizar Habash, Research Scientist at the Center for Computational Learning Systems at Columbia University                            


Using MT in Today’s CAT Tools

Jost Zetzsche, Independent Translation and Localization Professional


Open Source Statistical Machine Translation

Philipp Koehn, Professor for Machine Translation at the University of Edinburgh

Hieu Hoang, Research Assistant in the Machine Translation group at the University of Edinburgh


Practical Domain Adaptation in SMT

Marcello Federico, Co-Director, Human Language Technology Research Unit, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK-irst)

Nicola Bertoldi, Researcher at the Human Language Technology Research Unit at FBK-irst



Workshop Programs



Workshop on Post-Editing Technology and Practice (WPTP 2012)

Workshop Organizers:

Sharon O’Brien, Center for Next Generation Localization, DCU
Michel Simard, National Research Council Canada

Lucia Specia, University of Sheffield



CAASL4: Fourth Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic-Script-based Languages

Workshop and Program Chairs:

Ali Farghaly, Text Group, Oracle USA, Redwood Shores, CA

Farhard Oroumchian, University of Wollongong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Workshop on Monolingual Machine Translation (MONOMT 2012)

Workshop Chairs:

Tsuyoshi Okita, Dublin City University (DUC), Ireland
Artem Sokolov, Laboratoire d’informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences (LIMSI), France

Taro Watanabe, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan