ACL HLT 2011


Fifth Workshop on

Syntax and Structure in

Statistical Translation

Proceedings of the Workshop

Dekai Wu, Marianna Apidianski, Marine Carpuat, Lucia Specia (eds.)

23 June 2011

Portland, Oregon, USA


Table of contents




Daniele Pighin and Lluís Màrquez: Automatic projection of semantic structures: an application of pairwise translation ranking…. pp.1-9


(2011) Chi-kiu Lo and Dekai Wu: Structured vs. flat semantic role representations for machine translation evaluation….pp.10-20


Shumin Wu and Martha Palmer: Semantic mapping using automatic word alignment and semantic role labeling…pp.21-30


Jie Jiang, Jinhua Du, and Andy Way: Incorporating source-language paraphrases into phrase-based SMT with confusion networks….pp.31-40


Hwidong Na and Jong-Hyeok Lee: Multi-word unit dependency forest-based translation rule extraction….pp.41-51


ElsLefever and Véronique Hoste: An evaluation and possible improvement path for current SMT behavior on ambiguous nouns…pp.52-60


Bing Xiang, Niyu Ge, and Abraham Ittycheriah: Improving reordering for statistical machine translation with smoothed priors and syntactic features….pp.61-69


Markus Saers and Dekai Wu: Reestimation of reified rules in semiring parsing and biparsing….pp.70-78


Giuseppe Attardi, Atanas Chanev, and Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone: A dependency based statistical translation model….pp.79-87


Adam Meyers, Michiko Kosaka, Shasha Liao, and Nianwen Xue: Improving MT word alignment using aligned multi-stage parses….pp.88-97


Greg Hanneman and Alon Lavie: Automatic category label coarsening for syntax-based machine translation….pp.98-106


Qin Gao and Stephan Vogel: Utilizing target-side semantic role labels to assist hierarchical phrase-based machine translation….pp.107-115


John McCrae, Maurizio Espinoza, Elena Monteil-Ponsoda, Guadalupe Aguado-de-Cea, and Philipp Cimiano: Combining statistical and semantic approaches to the translation of ontologies and taxonomies….pp.116-125


Rafael E.Banchs and Marta R.Costa-jussà: A semantic feature for statistical machine translation….pp.126-134


Greg Hanneman, Michelle Burroughs, and Alon Lavie: A general-purpose rule extractor for SCFG-based machine translation….pp.135-144