Contents List

Volume 1, Number 1, March 1954 [whole issue, PDF, 129KB]

p.1-2: Editorial

p.3-10: Bibliography [PDF, 129KB]

Volume 1, Number 2, August 1954 [whole issue, PDF, 216KB]

p.19: News

p.20-22: The machine and the man – Victor H. Yngve [PDF, 71KB]

p.23-32: The first conference on mechanical translation – Erwin Reifler [PDF, 150KB]

p.33-34: Research in progress

p.35: Bibliography

Volume 1, Number 3, December 1954 [whole issue, PDF, 391KB]

p.37, 55: News

p.38-40: The distribution of word length in technical Russian – Anthony G. Oettinger [PDF, 119KB]

p.41-46: Computing machines for language translation – T.M. Stout [PDF, 266KB]

p.47-55: The conference on mechanical translation – A.C.Reynolds, Jr. [PDF, 123KB]

p.57: Bibliography

Volume 2, Number 1, July 1955 [whole issue, PDF, 527KB]

p.1-2: News

p.3-14: Mechanical determination of the constituents of German substantive compounds – Erwin Reifler [PDF, 232KB]

p.15-24: Translation of Russian technical literature by machine – James W.Perry [PDF, 344KB]

p.25-26: Bibliography

Volume 2, Number 2, November 1955 [published December 1955] [whole issue, PDF, 200KB]

p.27: News

p.29-37: Sentence-for-sentence translation – Victor H. Yngve [PDF, 198KB]

p.39-46: An experimental study of ambiguity and context – Abraham Kaplan [PDF, 175KB]

p.46: Errata from "Mechanical determination of the constituentsof German substantive compounds" by Erwin Reifler, MT 2,1

p.47: Bibliography

Volume 2, Number 3, December 1955 [published April 1956] [whole issue, PDF, 243KB]

p.49: News

p.50-53: Braille transcription – John P. Cleave [PDF, 137KB]

p.55-60: Signal system in Interlingua – Alexander Gode [PDF, 149KB]

p.61: Bibliography

Volume 3, Number 1, July 1956 [published August 1956] [whole issue, PDF, 377KB]

p.1: News

p.2-28: Cambridge Language Research Group issue: abstracts, discussions, papers

p.2: [introduction], List of speakers

p.3: Linguistic analyis and translation – J.R.Firth [abstract and discussion]

p.4-5: New techniques for analyzing sentence patterns – M.Masterman [abstract and discussion]

p.6-7: General mathematical problems involved in mechanical translation – E.W.Bastin [abstract and discussion]

p.8-11: Graphic linguistics and its terminology – R.A.Crossland [PDF, 121KB]

p.11: discussion

p.12-13: The theory and philosophy of language – J.Bronowski [abstract and discussion]

p.14-18: An electronic computer program for translating Chinese into English – A.F.Parker-Rhodes [PDF, 140KB]

p.19: discussion

p.20-25: Preprogramming for mechanical translation – R.H.Richens [PDF, 138KB]

p.25-27: Concluding discussion

p.28: The experimental sentence

p.29: Bibliography

Volume 3, Number 2, November 1956 [published March 1957] [whole issue, PDF, 490KB]

p. 31-32: News

p.33-45: Reports from the International Conference on Mechanical Translation

p.33, 41: Machine translation development at the University of Washington – Erwin Reifler [PDF, 103KB]

p.34, 41: Mechanical translation work at the University of Michgan – A.Koutsoudas and R.Machol [PDF, 115KB]

p.35: Organization and method in mechnical translation work – L.E.Dostert [PDF, 104KB]

p.36-37: Report on research: Cambridge Language Research Unit [PDF, 106KB]: Potentialities of a mechanical thesaurus – M.Masterman; Mechanical translation program utilizing an interlingal thesaurus – A.F.Parker-Rhodes; Linguistic basis of the thesaurus-type mechanical dictionary and its application to English preposition classification – M.A.K.Halliday; General program for mechnical translation between any two languages via an algebraic interlingua – R.H.Richens; List of publications of the C.L.R.U.

p.38-39: Stochastic methods of mechanical translation – Gilbert W.King [PDF, 102KB]

p.40-41: Contextual analysis in word-for-word MT – Kenneth E.Harper [PDF, 96KB]

p.42-43: On the problem of mechanical translation – D.Panov [PDF, 109KB]

p.44-45: Mechanical translation research at MIT – Victor H.Yngve [PDF, 99KB]

p.46-51, 61: Mechanical translation and the problem of multiple meaning – A.Koutsoudas and R.Korfhage [PDF, 242KB]

p.52-61: Mechanical translation of French – L. Brandwood [PDF, 179KB]

p.63-69: Bibliography

Volume 3, Number 3, December 1956 [published August 1957] [whole issue, PDF, 270KB]

p.71-72: News

p.73-80: Some psychological methods for evaluating the quality of translations – George A.Miller and J.G.Beebe-Center [PDF, 170KB]

p.81-88: The linguistic basis of a mechanical thesaurus – M.A.K.Halliday [PDF, 167KB]

p.89-93: Bibliography

Volume 4, Number 1-2, November 1957 [published March 1958] [whole issue, PDF, 690KB]

p.1: News

p.2-4: A model for mechanical translation – John P.Cleave [PDF, 140KB]

p.5-10: Structural grammars – R.B.Lees [PDF, 234KB]

p.11-13: Semantic frequency counts – Paul Pimsleur [PDF, 130KB]

p.14-27, 43: Multiple correspondence – Roderick Gould [PDF, 277KB]

p.28-34: Syntactical variants – Bjarne Ulvestad [PDF, 175KB]

p.35-43: The thesaurus in syntax and semantics – M.M.Masterman [PDF, 168KB]

p.45-49: Bibliography

Volume 4, Number 3, December 1957 [published July 1958] [whole issue, PDF, 423KB]

p.51: News

p.52-53: Some new terminology – Erwin Reifler [PDF, 124KB]

p.54-58: A type of program for mechanical translation – John P.Cleave [PDF, 173KB]

p.59-65: A framework for syntactic translation – V.H.Yngve [PDF, 160KB]

p.66-67: Order of subject and predicate in scientific Russian – Ilse Lehiste [PDF, 125KB]

p.68-69: Semantic ambiguity – Kenneth E.Harper [PDF, 113KB]

p.70-75: Contextual analysis – Kenneth E.Harper [PDF, 173KB]

p.76-78: A refinement in coding the Russian Cyrillic alphabet – B.Zacharov [PDF, 141KB]

p.79-83: Bibliography

Volume 5, Number 1, July 1958 [published December 1958] [whole issue, PDF, 797KB]

p.1: News

p.2-7: An input device for the Harvard automatic dictionary – Anthony G.Oettinger [PDF, 332KB]

p. 8-15: Research methodology for machine translation – H.P.Edmundson and D.G.Hays [PDF, 175KB]

p.16-24: The use of punctuation patterns in machine translation – Gerard Salton [PDF, 217KB]

p.25-41: A programming language for mechanical translation – Victor H.Yngve [PDF, 376KB]

p.43-47: Bibliography

Volume 5, Number 2, September 1958 [published July 1959] [whole issue, PDF, 571KB]

p.49-50: News [from Ichiro Honda on ETL research]

p.51-59: Soviet developments in machine translation: Russian sentence analysis – T.M.Nikolaeva [PDF, 188KB]

p.60-66: Some problems in the mechanical translation of German – Leonard Brandwood [PDF, 158KB]

p.67-72: The use of statistics in language research – A.F.Parker Rhodes [PDF, 150KB]

p.72-73: [comments on Parker Rhodes article]

p.74-83: The storage problem – William S.Cooper [PDF, 353KB]

p.85-91: Bibliography

Volume 5, Number 3, December 1958 [published March 1960] [whole issue, PDF, 367KB]

p.93-94: News

p.95-100: The work on machine translation in the Soviet Union: Fourth International Congress of Slavicists reports, Sept.1958 – V.Yu.Rozentsveig [PDF, 137KB

p.101-110: A survey of Soviet work on automatic translation – Anthony G.Oettinger [PDF, 120KB]

p.111-113: Order of subject and object in scientific Russian when other differentia are lacking – D.G.Hays [PDF, 152KB]

p.114-120: German sentence recognition – G.H.Mathews and Syrell Rogovin [PDF, 152KB]

p.121-123: Bibliography

p.125-135: Five year index [PDF, 86KB]

Volume 6, November 1961 [published December 1961]

p.1: MT conference participants, July, 1960 [photograph]

p.2-10: A program for the machine translation of natural languages – W.Smoke and E.Dubinsky [PDF, 233KB]

p.11-24: A formula finder for the automatic synthesis of translation algorithms – Vincent E.Giuliano [PDF, 343KB]

p.25-32: Outline of the machine translation project at the University of Washington – Erwin Reifler [PDF, 189KB]

p.33-50: A new approach to the mechanical syntactic analysis of Russian – Ida Rhodes [PDF, 719KB]

p.51-62: The morphological abstraction of Russian verbs – Milos Pacak assisted by Antonina Boldyreff [PDF, 209KB]

p.63-71: Manual for postediting Russian text – H.P.Edmundson, K.E.Harper, D.G.Hays, and J.B.Scott [PDF, 240KB]

p. 72-75: Sιmantique et mιcanographie – Georges Mounin [PDF, 135KB]

p.76-107:A high-speed large-capacity dictionary system – Sydney M.Lamb and William H.Jacobsen, Jr. [PDF, 640KB]

p.108-111: The parameters of an operational machine translation system – Paul W.Howerton [PDF, 131KB]

Volume 7, Number 1, July 1962 [published July 1962]

                                p.1: Professional society formed [and photograph of delegates at NPL conference, September 1961: PDF, 168KB]

p.2-7: Interlingua and MT, a discussion – Jared Darlington [PDF, 128KB]

p. 8-16: Problems of equivalence in some German and English constructions – John S. Bross [PDF, 189KB]

p.17-29: A revised design for an understanding machine – Ross Quillian [PDF, 201KB].

Volume 7, Number 2, August 1963 [published September 1963]

                                p.31: Annual meeting, report from Hungary [PDF, 100KB]

p.33-42: Abstracts of papers for the 1963 Annual meeting of the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics [PDF, 189KB]

p.43-46: Coding the Russian alphabet for the purpose of mechanical translation – John Lyons [PDF, 149KB]

p.47-49: Learning and translating by machines – John F. Tinker [PDF, 97KB]

p. 50-61: Syntactic dependence and the computer generation of coherent discourse – Sheldon Klein and Robert F. Simmons [PDF, 248KB]

p. 62-70: Computational research in Arabic – Arnold C. Satterthwait [PDF, 224KB]

Volume 8, Number 1, August 1964 [published August 1964]

                                p.1: Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics, August 1963 [First annual meeting, photograph of participants] [PDF, 171KB]

p.2-4: Preliminary report on the insertion of English articles in Russian-English MT output – G. R. Martins [PDF, 121KB]

p.5-10: The position of prepositional phrases in Russian – Kenneth E.Harper [PDF, 166KB]

p.11-14: Slavic languages: comparative morphosyntactic analysis – Milos Pacak [PDF, 153KB]

p.15-31: The methodology of sememic analysis with special application to the English preposition – James H. White [PDF, 255KB]

p.32-51: Connectability calculations, syntactic functions, and Russian syntax – David G. Hays [PDF, 359KB]


[from 1965 the journal is entitled Mechanical Translation and Computational Linguistics

and published “for the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics”]


Volume 8, Number 2, February 1965 [published April 1965]

                                p.2-8: Evaluation of machine translation by reading comprehension tests and subjective judgments – Sheila M. Pfafflin [PDF, 179KB]

p.9-13: A figure of merit technique for the resolution of non-grammatical ambiguity – Swaminathan Madhu and Dean W.Lytle [PDF, 167KB]

p.14-38: Sentence-for-sentence translation: an example – Arnold C. Satterthwait [PDF, 603KB]

Volume 8, Numbers 3 and 4, June and October 1965 [published October 1965]

                                p.40: Erwin Reifler, 1903-1965 – Lew R. Micklesen [PDF, 79KB]

p.41-67: Machine methods of proving logical arguments expressed in English – Jared L. Darlington [PDF, 422KB]

p.68-83: Automatic paraphrasing in essay format – Sheldon Klein [PDF, 301KB]

p.84-89: The nature of affixing in written English – H. L. Resnikoff and J. L. Dolby [PDF, 173KB]

p.90-96: An applied radical semantics – M. Zarechnak [PDF, 179KB]

p.97-112: Experiments in semantic classification – K. Sparck Jones [PDF, 263KB]

p.113-127: Applications of the theory of clumps – R. M. Needham [PDF, 269KB]

Volume 9, Number 1, March 1966 [published June 1966]

                                p.2-3: Some comments on algorithm and grammar in the automatic parsing of natural languages – Paul L. Garvin [PDF, 106KB]

p.4-9: Endocentric constructions in the Cocke parsing logic – Jane Robinson [PDF, 195KB]

p.10-14: The “spectrum” of weak generative powers of grammars – Wayne A. Lea [PDF, 200KB]

p.15-21: A procedure for morphological encoding – P. H. Matthews [PDF, 210KB]

Volume 9, Number 2, June 1966 [published January 1967]

                                p.23-33: The nature of affixing in written English, part II – H. L. Resnikoff and J. L. Dolby [PDF, 387KB]

p.34-37: Structural definition of affixes from multisyllable words – Lois L. Earl [PDF, 171KB]

p.38-43: Part-of-speech implications of affixes – Lois L. Earl [PDF, 208KB]

p.44-54: Syntax and interpretation – B. Vauquois, G. Veillon, and J. Veyrunes [PDF, 339KB]

Volume 9, Numbers 3 and 4, September and December 1966 [published March 1967]

                                p.55-66: An experiment in evaluating the quality of translations – John B. Carroll [PDF, 264KB]

p.67-82: Historical change in language using Monte Carlo techniques – Sheldon Klein [PDF, 393KB]

p.83-96: English article insertion – Jocelyn Brewer [PDF, 263KB]

Volume 10, Numbers 1 and 2, March and June 1967 [published January 1968]

                                p.1-10: Comprehensibility of machine-aided translations of Russian scientific documents – David B. Orr and Victor H. Small [PDF, 191KB]

p.11-17: Some notes on Russian predicative infinitives in automatic translation – Henrik Birnbaum [PDF, 196KB]

p.18-25: Statistics of operationally defined homonyms of elementary words – L. L. Earl, B. V. Bhimani, and R. P. Mitchell [PDF, 280KB]

p.26-37: A note on Quine’s theory of radical translation – John M. Dolan [PDF, 220KB]

Volume 10, Numbers 3 and 4, September and December 1967 [published Februray 1969]

                                p.39-52: Steps toward a model of linguistic performance: a preliminary sketch – Robert M. Schwarcz [PDF, 276KB]

p.53-67: Automatic determination of parts of speech of English words – Lois L. Earl [PDF, 583KB]

p.68-84: On the German locative: a study in symbols – James Gough [PDF, 339KB]

Volume 11, Numbers 1 and 2, March and June 1968 [published July 1970]

                                p.1-13: A semantic analyzer for English sentences – Robert F. Simmons and John F. Burger [PDF, 287KB]

p.14-21: Is the generally accepted strategy of machine-translation research optimal? – A. Ljudskanov [PDF, 222KB]

p.22-31: Development of a stemming algorithm – Julie Beth Lovins [PDF, 297KB]

p.32-57: Some mathematical aspects of syntactic description – Itiroo Sakai [PDF, 1580KB]

Volume 11, Numbers 3 and 4, September and December 1968 [published October 1970]

                                p.59-72: On-line semantic analysis of English texts – Yorick Wilks [PDF, 243KB]

p.73-74: Computer backup for field work in phonology – Joseph E. Grimes, John R. Alsop, and Alan Wares [PDF, 126KB]

p.75-77: A note on the translation of Swahili into English – David Woodhouse [PDF, 134KB]

p.78-88: Paraphrase generation and information retrieval from stored text – P. W. Culicover [PDF, 225KB]

p.89-102: The English relative clause – D. Kathryn Weintraub [PDF, 253KB]



Additional documents

                Victor H.Yngve: Final report on the journal MT [submitted to the executive committee of the Association for Computational Linguistics.] July 1970. 23pp. [PDF, 105KB]

                Warren J.Plath: Open letter from the President [of the Association for Computational Linguistics.] The Finite String, vol.7, no.6, June 1970; pp.1-4. [PDF, 33KB]